Best Alternatives to Apple AirTag iMore 2022

Apple AirTag was recently introduced during its April 2021 event. The AirTag is Apple's version of a device tracker, which you can attach to your keys or a bag. If they ever go missing, you can track your items down via the Find My network. However, the AirTag was not the first device tracker on the market. Other trackers are available and may be better for your needs. Let's explore the best alternatives to the Apple AirTag.

Tile Pro

Pro tracker: Tile Pro

Staff Pick

The Tile Pro uses Bluetooth to track your items, and you can use the Tile app to ring your Tile Pro if it's within 400 feet. For finding items far away, it will use the Tile network. Tile Pro is water-resistant and features a one-year user-replaceable CR2032 battery. Some features will require a premium subscription.

White Tile Mate

Best mate: Tile Mate

The Tile Mate is very similar to the Tile Pro, the main difference being the reduced range from 400 feet on the Pro to 200 feet on the Mate. The ringer is also not as loud as the Pro. It is also water-resistant and features a one-year user-replaceable CR1632 battery. The Tile Mate is only available in white.

Ciipolo One

Colorful and subscription free: Chipolo ONE

Chipolo ONE is a great option if you want a colorful tracker. It's available in six colors and features a loud 120db sound if you lose the item you are tracking. With the Chipolo ONE, you get a two-year user-replaceable CR2032 battery and water resistance. There is also no premium subscription option, so you get all of the features included.

$24 at Amazon
Cube Pro

Tracker and selfie remote: Cube Pro

The Cube Pro can track your items with Bluetooth up to 200 feet and features a loud 101db ringer. It has a one-year user-replaceable CR2025 battery. One unique feature of the Cube Pro is that it can act as a selfie remote when connected to your phone. It is also IP67 waterproof.

$29 at Amazon
Tile Slim Render Cropped

Slim wallet size: Tile Slim

The Tile Slim is built for your wallet but can also fit in a notebook or passport. It's the size of a credit card and features a three-year non-replaceable battery. It also has a Bluetooth range of up to 200 feet, and it's waterproof.

Two black Tile Stickers

Stick it and find it: Tile Sticker

The standout feature of the Tile Sticker is that it contains adhesive, so you can stick it to a remote, headphones, camera, laptop, or literally anything you want. It features a three-year non-replaceable battery and Bluetooth range of 150 feet.

$24 at Amazon

AirTag or not AirTag, that is the question?

Although the Apple Airtag will undoubtedly be another hit for Apple, other trackers are available right now. The Tile Pro is my pick for the best alternative to the Apple AirTag. With a 400-foot Bluetooth range and water resistance, along with a user-replaceable battery, the Tile Pro is a great tracker, and also our staff pick. The only downside is certain features need a subscription to Tile Premium, such as smart alerts.

Chipolo ONE is also a great choice if you are looking for something other than an AirTag. It has all of the standard features, such as Bluetooth tracking and water resistance. Plus, it's available in six colors and has a two-year replaceable battery. Keep an eye out for Chipolo ONE Spot, which will feature everything great about the Chipolo ONE, as well as using Apple's Find My network.

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