Best alternatives to Apple AirTag in 2023

Apple AirTag was introduced during its April 2021 event. The AirTag is Apple's version of a device tracker, which you can attach to your keys or a bag. If they ever go missing, you can track your items down via the Find My network. However, the AirTag was not the first device tracker on the market. Other trackers are available and may be better for your needs. Let's explore the best alternatives to the Apple AirTag.

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To AirTag or not to AirTag, that is the question?

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Although the Apple AirTag will undoubtedly be another hit for Apple, other trackers are available right now. The Tile Pro is my pick for the best alternative to the Apple AirTag. With a 400-foot Bluetooth range and water resistance, along with a user-replaceable battery, the Tile Pro is a great tracker, and also our staff pick. The only downside is certain features need a subscription to Tile Premium, such as smart alerts.

Chipolo ONE is also a great choice if you are looking for something other than an AirTag. It has all of the standard features, such as Bluetooth tracking and water resistance. Plus, it's available in six colors and has a two-year replaceable battery. There's also the Chipolo ONE Spot, which features everything great about the Chipolo ONE, but it uses Apple's Find My network. 

Airtags are great for tracking a variety of other things, too - like the contents of your wallet. These are the best Airtags wallets.

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