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Apple News on iPhone 7
Apple News on iPhone 7 (Image credit: iMore)

Apple News launched with iOS 9 back in 2015. With Apple News, iOS users are able to get daily news digests directly from Apple, all in a single place. With macOS Mojave, News also made it's way to the Mac. However, since Apple News launched back in 2015, it's only available in three countries: United States, United Kingdom, and Australia.

Yes, that's right! In three years, Apple News is still fairly limited in the countries that are able to access it. Fortunately, there are alternatives out on the App Store if you are looking for ways to get your news fix.


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Flipboard is a digital news magazine that's curated just for you.

The first step to Flipboard is personalization. Just pick out the topics that you're interested in, Flipboard aggregates news stories from a ton of sources and organizes everything into your own digital newsmagazine. You can then flip through the headlines like a magazine, and just tap on stories that you want to read fully.

If you're more of a social news reader, you can link your Facebook and Twitter accounts to share interesting stories to. No matter what you're into, Flipboard has you covered.

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Feedly is a great option for those who still prefer to use RSS. Just sign up for a free account, and then get started.

With Feedly, you can pick from a variety of topics, from broader categories to more specific, niche topics. Feedly is great for helping users discover news sources that they otherwise wouldn't have heard of! If you also follow specific sites already and want to add them to Feedly, you can do that just by grabbing their RSS feed link and dumping it into Feedly.

Once you have all of your preferred sources, Feedly allows you to organize them by subject, and all articles are displayed in a list. Scroll, find something to read, and just tap on it to expand. Readers can also make comments and share their insights on stories read in Feedly, which is nice.

Feedly itself is a service, but the app works nicely too. You can also connect your Feedly account to other apps like Reeder.

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Google News

Many of us are already Google users, so why not turn to Google to aggregate the news for us?

Google News shows you the top five stories that you should be caring about each day, so this is a great, quick way to stay informed. You clearly see what the news source is, and you can always skim the headlines or tap to view the full story, depending on how much time you have.

Ongoing events are curated into a timeline, featuring various news articles about the topic, and the timestamp is clearly in focus. This helps you determine what's actually relevant now. Google News also supports local news and aggregates stories from a huge database of sources.

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News360 is your personalized news app with a gorgeous layout.

When you first get started with News360, you'll be prompted to select topics that you're into. News360 will then only show you stories that are relevant to your interests. It brings in articles from all sources on the Internet, so you don't miss a thing just because you've never heard of a site before.

As you use News360, it learns what you read and like, so it becomes smarter. You can even link your social network accounts to News360 so that it uses your online presence as a way to get you news stories that matter based on your likes. You'll never miss a thing and won't see things you don't care for.

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Yahoo News

Yahoo News brings in multiple sources to show you the news and encourages you to see multiple sides and form your own opinions.

In today's political landscape, news stories seem to be more one-sided than ever, depending on where you get your news from. Yahoo News wants users to see all sides of the story before forming an opinion. There's even a fact checker built-in to help readers not fall for fake news.

You also get the Top 10 stories that you should know for each day, including one "fun" story (good news is always nice to see these days), which are curated by Yahoo News editors.

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Microsoft News

If you're wanting the most variety, Microsoft News brings together 3000 top brands in news sources spanning across 20 countries.

Pick the topics that interest you, and Microsoft News only shows you what you want. So no headlines that you don't care about. And with so many sources, you're bound to find new favorites, perspectives, and voices.

For distraction-free reading, Microsoft News has a built-in reading mode and also has a dark theme for nighttime reading. Read as much as you want! There are no limitations here, and all of your settings are synced across the web.

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Stay informed with different viewpoints

Today, it's more important than ever to obtain your news from multiple sources rather than just a single one. These apps are some of the best ways to get the news from a variety of reputable news sources, especially if you're in a country without Apple News.

What are your favorite apps for staying informed of what's happening in the world? Let us know in the comments!

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