Best Animal Crossing: New Horizons Christmas designs: Holiday sweaters, dresses, coats, designs, and QR codes

Acnh Christmas Designs
Acnh Christmas Designs (Image credit: iMore)

The winter holidays are fast approaching, and that means it's time to dress up our Animal Crossing characters with fun designs and decorations. There are so many creative players out there who have made adorable shirts, hats, dresses, and other designs for you to use. If you get some designs you really like, you could even create fun Animal Crossing Christmas cards with family and friends. I've rounded up the best Animal Crossing Creator IDs and Design IDs I could find, so give them a look!

If you're not sure how to get these designs onto your island, check out our how to use Animal Crossing QR codes, Creator IDs, and Design IDs guide

Holiday clothes

Looking for a cute Christmas dress? Maybe a fun snowman sweater? Check out the best Animal Crossing Christmas designs from very talented players.

Gingerbread goodness

Use the Creator ID: MA 5732 9045 6542 to check out their adorable gingerbread clothes.

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Everything you could want

Check out these cute sweaters, dresses, and holiday clothes created by Fleanor on Reddit.

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Oh Christmas tree, oh Christmas tree

Dress like your favorite holiday decorations with this festive dress.

Acnh Christmas Tree Dress (Image credit: @NanaAnita on Nook's Island)

Snow queen

You'll be ready to rule the snow with this cute dress and coat duo.

Acnh Snow Queen (Image credit: @roboko_animal on Twitter)

Reindeer, Santa, and snowman

Three holiday icons, each with their own sweater design.

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Santa Clause is comin'

This handsome blue sweater shows off the big man himself and will look great in any screenshots.

Acnh Santa Sweater (Image credit: @Wapiko on Twitter)

Be a deer

The gorgeous design on this black and grey sweater is sure to bring a fun feeling to any gaming session.

Acnh Reindeer Sweater (Image credit: @Wapiko on Twitter)

Red Sweater

You could proudly wear this to any Animal Crossing Christmas sweater party.

Acnh Red Snow Sweater (Image credit: @Wapiko on Twitter)

Festive focus

Nothing gives off holiday vibes so as quickly as seeing red and green together. And the wonderful deer design on the middle is absolutely perfect.

Acnh Green Reindeer Sweater (Image credit: @Wapiko on Twitter)

Elegant coats

Something fit for Mrs. Clause.

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So cute you could eat it

These adorable designs make hats look like cakes. Use the design to decorate your island and bring more festive cheer to your villagers.

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Designs and flooring

Skating rink

Create a fun skating rink on your island with this icy design.

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Foresty designs

Cover your customizable furniture with this fun pattern.

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Candy walkway

Add some color to your island's paths using these vibrant bricks.

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The best Animal Crossing Christmas designs

Animal Crossing continues to show just why it's one of the best Nintendo Switch games as we jump into the winter season. There are so many talented people within the Animal Crossing community, and it's awesome that they are willing to share their adorable creations with everyone else.

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