Animal Crossing: Happy Home Paradise — All facilities and unlockable customization options

Acnh Happy Home Paradise School
Acnh Happy Home Paradise School (Image credit: iMore)

Animal Crossing: Happy Home Paradise lets us live out our creative dreams by making gorgeous vacation homes for clients. It seriously takes this cute game to the extra level and cements it as one of the best Nintendo Switch games out there. As you take on jobs and fulfill villager requests, you'll also unlock five facilities and several customization abilities. Eventually, you can even unlock the ability to edit your villager's houses on your home island. So what exactly are these rewards, and how do you unlock them? Let's dive in.

Animal Crossing: Happy Home Paradise All unlockable facilities

Acnh Happy Home Paradise Cafe (Image credit: iMore)

There are a total of five facilities you can renovate on the Happy Home Paradise island. In each location, you'll determine what the exterior and interior look like. When you're done, you select which of your clients works there and get to name the place. Here are all unlockable facilities.

  • School
  • Cafe
  • Restaurant
  • Hospital
  • Apparel Shop

Animal Crossing: Happy Home Paradise Customization options

Acnh Partition Wall (Image credit: iMore)
Swipe to scroll horizontally
Unlocks afterReward
2 clientsParadise Planning Network: Take pictures of the houses you renovate.
3 clientsFurniture Polishing: You can add sparkles to any item you put down. The amount of time you spend polishing determines how many sparkles appear.
4 clientsSchool renovation and edit room sizes: You can renovate the school building whenever you want and choose who the teacher is from your clients. By pressing the left D-Pad button when in the editing mode, you can now determine the length and width of a vacation home room.
5 clientsStorage, Glowing-Moss/Vine DIY: Niko gives you a random glowing-moss or vine DIY recipe at the dock. You also can now access your home storage from the breakroom.
6 clientsDIY Workbench + new uniforms: You can use even more uniform options and you have access to a crafting station.
7 clientsamiibo scanning: Scan an Animal Crossing amiibo card to make a vacation home for that specific client.
8 clientsPartition Walls: Get the DIY recipe so you can place partial walls in your vacation homes or on your home island.
11 clients12,000 Poki per job: You'll now get paid 12,000 Poki for each job completed.
12 clientsFurniture Polishing upgrade, lighting options & Cafe/Restaurant: You can make other things like hearts, butterflies, or a creepy aura appear by polishing. The longer you polish the more the effect appears. You can also adjust lighting to several different colors and brightnesses. Choose to either renovate the Cafe or Restaurant first. Then select who will work there.
13 clientsView other player's creations in Paradise Planning Network Showroom: You can share your vacation home creations online and view other players' creations as well as long as you have a Nintendo Switch Online subscription.
15 clientsPillars and Counters DIY recipes: Niko gives you DIY recipes for pillars and counters so you can place them in your vacation homes or home island. You can also use DIY recipes you've made before on your jobs.
16 clientsRoommates: You can now make it possible for up to two villagers to live together in a vacation home.
17 clientsSoundscapes: Wardell helps you unlock natural sounds like rain, ocean, wind, and more.
18 clientsSecond Floors: Now you can decorate even more by giving your vacation homes another floor.
19 clients15,000 Poki per job: You'll now earn 15,000 per completed vacation home.
20 clientsVIP vacation homes: You can now scan amiibo for VIP clients like Isabelle, Tom Nook, Flick, C.J. and other notable characters.
22 clientsHospital renovation: Create a hospital and choose who works there from your client list.
23 clientsMore soundscapes: Even more sound options are added to your current list.
25 clientsNook Shopping Catalogue: Now you'll have access to every item that you can access from your home island.
30 clientsApparel Shop renovation & Home Island Villager remodeling: Create the Apparel Shop and choose who works there. You'll also be able to return to your island and remodel your villager's houses using all the skills you learned in the DLC. This includes decorating both the interior and exterior of their homes. However, you cannot change the size of your home villager homes and it costs 9,000 Bells for each remodel
50 clientsSuperstar Designer: Get 20,000 Poki whenever you complete a vacation home. Add a Gallery to your Cafe. More uniform options get unlocked.

Get all the goodies

There are plenty of fun things to unlock as you make your way through the Animal Crossing: Happy Home Paradise DLC. Once you've had your fun on the vacation homes, you can take your new skills back to your island and implement them there.

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