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We've already known how to plant and maintain pumpkin patches for a while now. But with the Animal Crossing 2.0 update, we can now plant far more seeds and starts for a variety of crops. Animal Crossing: New Horizons really is one of the best Switch games out there, huh?

But how do you unlock this new ability exactly? Where do you get seeds? And what's the best way to grow your crops? Let's dive in to answer all these questions and more.

Animal Crossing farming: All crops & how to grow them

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Name Price
Pumpkins 280 Bells
Wheat 280 Bells
Tomatoes 280 Bells
Potatoes 280 Bells
Carrots 280 Bells
Sugarcane 280 Bells

There are six crops. You can drop them in the grass anywhere on your island and they'll grow. However, it's much more fun (and a whole lot nicer looking) if you take the time to set up a little fence surrounding darker soil and then drop the plants in place. Some plants must be purchased as seeds while others are purchased as starts.

In order for them to grow to their max potential, you'll want to water them every day until they're ready to harvest. Then you can cook cute little dishes using the things you've grown.

Animal Crossing farming Where to get seeds and starts

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In order to start the farming process, you'll need to head over to Harvey's Island. Here you'll jump into the hippie dog himself and he'll explain his new merchant plaza to you.

  1. Head stright back and talk to the Lloid on the right of the little windmill.
  2. Pay them 100,000 Bells to bring Leif to the plaza. There's an ABD kiosk near Harvey's house if you need to withdraw money.
  3. Return the next day and talk to Leif.
  4. He'll offer two farming options in exchange for Bells.

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You might need to contact friends or trade with other players in order to quickly find all of the available crops within Animal Crossing. But eventually, you can have a decent sized garden growing.

Animal Crossing: Farming Station

It's so fun finally having more options available to us in New Horizons. Have fun planting your crops and making cute little dishes. With Turkey Day on the horizon, the ability to prepare food opens up some fun new holiday activities like growing food and cooking your own feast.

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