Best Animal Crossing Stuffed Animals iMore 2022

With the release of Animal Crossing: New Horizons, Animal Crossing has become more popular worldwide than it has ever been before. Plus, with new events and constant updates, it's a game you never want to stop playing. Due to this, tons of creative fans have worked hard to create unique stuffed animals based on the characters you can find in the Animal Crossing games. Here's a list of the ones we think are the best!

Animal Crossing plush

Best overall: Isabelle Plush

Staff favorite

This adorable Isabelle plush is perfect for folks who love the iconic character, and the stellar quality of the plush itself makes it our favorite pick.

$12 at BoxLunch
Animal Crossing plush

The man himself: Tom Nook Plush

Fans of Tom Nook will love this plush of him that's based on his new look in New Horizons. He may constantly put you in debt, but we love him anyway.

$25 at MsHormony
Animal Crossing plush

The perfect shopkeeper: Timmy Nook Plush

This cute plush is based on the adorable outfit that Timmy Nook wears while he keeps your island's shop up-and-running.

$13 at BigBadToyStore
Animal Crossing plush

For bug enthusiasts: Flick Plush

If you love Flick as much as Flick loves bugs, then this fantastic plush of him will be right up your alley! It's expensive, but the large size and amazing quality make it worth it.

$95 at Etsy
Animal Crossing plush

We go way back...: Rover Plush

Rover is the first character you meet in the first Animal Crossing, and ever since, he has appeared in other games. He's a classic character, so why not get an awesome plush of him?

$12 at BoxLunch
Animal Crossing plush

Deer to our hearts: Fauna Plush

Fauna's kind personality and pleasant aesthetic has led to her becoming a fan-favorite character, and this plush captures what makes her awesome excellently.

$18 at BigBadToyStore
Animal Crossing plush

Perfect pillows: Animal Crossing Plush Pillows

These plush pillows are super soft, and you can have them styled after a bag of Bells, Tom Nook's face, and more.

$26 at MsHormony
Animal Crossing plush

Choose your own villager: Custom Villager Plush

If you want a plush of a specific character, you can choose one, and this designer will create an amazing mini-plush for you!

From $18 at Etsy

If we had to choose

There is plenty of fun Animal Crossing: New Horizons merch out there, but plushies are just the best. All of the different plushes we included in this list are incredible. Still, if we had to pick just one, our choice would be the Isabelle Plush. It has awesome detail, looks just like Isabelle in the game, and in general, Isabelle is super cute no matter what. For these reasons, she danced her way to our number one spot.

If you're looking for something high-end and top-notch, you can't go wrong with the Flick Plush. Sure, it's pretty pricey, but you're paying for next-level stitching and detailing. It's the best Animal Crossing plush we were able to find in terms of quality, so if that's what you're after, don't miss it.

Finally, if there's a specific villager you want to have a plush of, then the Custom Villager Plush will be perfect for you. The mini-plushes may not be as snuggly or detailed as the larger options on the list, but their small size makes them uniquely adorable, and it's also the only option you have if you want custom-made Animal Crossing plushes.

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