Best apartment and home rental apps for iPhone: Find your next place faster!

Looking for the best iPhone apps to help you find your next place to live? There are lots of apps that can help you find both apartments and houses for rent all over the United States. No matter what you're looking for, there are tons of apps available that can help you find something whether you are moving down the street or halfway across the country. Like most apps, not all apartment and house finder apps are created equal. These are the best apartment and home rental apps for iPhone that help you avoid scams and make it to moving day with less headaches!

Zumper Rentals

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Best apartment and home rental apps for iPhone: Zumper

Zumper Rentals is a unique rental app that lets you find apartments, condos, and free standing homes for rent. One thing that Zumper does best is neighborhoods. Use the map view to see an interactive grid of neighborhoods so you know exactly where you're searching before you even start looking at listings. For certain areas you can even use Street View to take a look around right on your iPhone. If you're looking in a specific area, you can even set up notifications with a Zumper account so you know the second a new listing hits a certain area.

If you're shopping for a place in particular areas or are moving somewhere not local, Zumper provides the best neighborhood info for many cities.


Best apartment and home rental apps for iPhone: Comfy

Comfy is an entire community that revolves around rentals. Not only can you search for available listings, you can read reviews from prior renters and contact landlords via the app so you don't have to give out any personal information until you're ready. In most big cities, you won't have a problem finding listings with ample amounts of reviews. Comfy also offers a quick glance look at pros and cons to help you weigh your options faster. Better yet, if you find a place through Comfy and end up signing a lease, Comfy will offer you some cash for doing so. It's also worth mentioning that the Comfy app itself has a great design and easy to use interface.

For a great browsing experience paired with feedback from other renters, be sure to include Comfy in your apartment search.


Best apartment and home rental apps for iPhone: Lovely

Lovely Apartments not only helps you find an awesome place to live, but in most areas can even let you submit an application right within the app. If you end up renting through Lovely, you can then set up rent payments within the same app and say goodbye to mailing paper checks. When it comes to finding a place, Lovely shows you new listing that just hit in a great map view so you can have the first chance at snagging something before someone else does. You can also set up alerts and check your feed for new listings that match your exact criteria.

For a complete suite of tools that lets you not only find a place, but manage your rent payments and more, Lovely is what you want.

Apartments & Houses for Rent by Apartment List

Best apartment and home rental apps for iPhone: Apartment List

Apartments & Houses by Apartment List has a great interface that lets you easily sort listings on a map or in a list. Each listing is packed with information that's easy to follow. One unique aspect of Apartment List is that each place gets a Walk Score and a Transit Score so you know how close listings are to the thick of things. You can also save your favorites so you can quickly access them on different devices and on the computer.

If you're commuting or trying to figure out how close listings are both walking and by transit, be sure to check Apartment List.

Your favorite apartment and house hunting apps for iPhone?

If you've recently had to look for a place to rent in the US, what app did you use to help you find something? Let us know what your favorites are and any experiences you've had with any of the ones list above in the comments!

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