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Best app to track bills and expenses from your iPhone

Pageonce provides not only an iPhone app to help keep you on track with bills but a whole suite of tools online as well as well as an iPad app. From linking bank accounts and credit cards to inputting bills and expenses, Pageonce is easy to use and understand. If you've got investments, it can also help you keep track of those as well.

Whether you're trying to save money or just want to know where you stand at any given point in time, Pageonce offers something for everyone.

To get started with Pageonce, you'll be asked to add any bank accounts and credit cards you'd like to track. You can then add bills and expenses to see what your monthly bills are and when they're due. You can add bills and expenses either automatically from a list of supported merchants or you can manually add them and set them up to recur regularly. The list of support merchants isn't huge but adding bills manually is pretty painless as well. Popular merchants such as cable providers, wireless carriers, and utility companies are supported and you should be able to import your bills automatically. Pageonce will then update them when they're paid and when a new bill is due.

The main menu of Pageonce is where you'll go to view how much cash you have on hand in your collective accounts, pay bills, view and manage investments, and information on credit card debt. Pageonce also bundles in offers that you can apply for and they consistently change. You can also sign up for Credit Guard and monitor your credit score directly within Pageonce without the need for a separate app or service. Add-on features aren't free and Credit Guard will automatically bill you $6.99 for the feature if you opt-in for it. Pageonce also gives you access to graphs and charts that show you what kind of things you're spending your money on. This makes for an easy way to adjust spending habits or to plan for paying down certain debts that are causing you problems.

If you prefer to pay and manage bills from your computer, Pageonce also has a robust website that you can log in to and view all the data you've entered from any computer or device. Once you've paid your bills and updated your accounts, the data will sync across any device you've got Pageonce installed on including iPhone and iPad.

When it comes to tracking expenses and monitoring your cash flow, Pageonce offers a lot of information at a quick glance while making more in-depth information available at the same time. The ability to pay virtually any expense or individual from your bank account directly within the app also sets is apart from other plain ledger and bill tracking apps. If your bank doesn't offer person to person pay services natively, Pageonce can fill that gap. Even if your bank does offer bill pay services natively, being able to track expenses, income, make payments, and monitor cash flow all in once place allows you to have a much tighter hold on your finances and that's where Pageonce really beats the competition.

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  • Personally, I much prefer PageOnce over Mint -- less fluff. It's not really a financial management app as presented in this review -- more of an overview with the benefit of bill-pay. It'll also let you pay many of your bills with a credit or debit card, however, there's a 4% service fee. The only issue with their bill-pay is all the transactions show up as 'PageOnce', doing away with any auto-renaming you have going on in Quicken. You can't rename or edit transactions in PageOnce, just view them -- which alone takes it out of the financial-management category. PageOnce is a great financial aggregation app though, shows most all of your stuff in one place -- and sometimes that's all you need ;-)
  • I agree, Pageonce offers a GREAT service.
  • If you just want a basic bill tracker/reminder app BillMinder is the one.
  • NIce post. I'll have to give them a try.
  • I use Budget Touch...uses the old envelope method, and syncs transactions from both iOS devices and Macs.
  • I like Bill Alert but I will take a look at everyone's suggestions
  • I love this app! My only complaint is that Retail Credit Bank (GE Credit Bank) will not share my Chevron, Walmart, or Credit Care account with them.
  • I use HomeBudget with sync. I'm very budget oriented and this app is the best one I have used thus far. PageOnce is good but not really budget friendly, at least it wasn't a year ago when I used it last.
  • What type of security do they offer?????? You think I'm really going to give my banking info to a third party?????? And people wonder why they get their banking/CC info hacked. The conveinace isn't worth the risk. Tracking your bills should be easy as you NEED a budget. Twice a month pay them and you'll be fine. These apps are trying to help people in the wrong way. If you need to be reminded if your bills then a simple bill reminder app is sufficient. Not something that you have to give your account info to. I can't understand why Pinole are so willing to give that kind of information out??????
  • They offer premium SSL and they are a trusted source. I would never post a review of an app without looking at something like that first.
  • The more punctuation the better.
  • I agree with BP41. How were people setting reminders before smart phone and apps? Sure smart phone and apps make it easy to do things. With financial aggregation (or call them whatever you want) apps that you need to give your banking/credit card login credentials to, the convenience is definitely not worth the risk. Me, what I do? When I get an email from my bank, credit card, utility and others that I have a bill ready and that a payment is due, I set myself a reminder to notify me couple of days before that bill is due. The other thing I do is every Thursday morning before I start work is bill paying day. Sure it sounds like a lot of work, but after couple of weeks it will become an easy routine. To me the time I invest doing this is more peace of mind than giving third party sites my login credentials. Just my opinion.
  • Not free but YNAB is pretty damn good.
  • Does anybody know of any app that lets you store a picture along with an expense that you add? I've been looking but have not been able to find any such app. Thanks.
  • You must try Bill Reminder, iTune link This app is very simple to use and powerful, and let you upload a picture on every expense.
  • Great piece, Ally. While Check is a great app, I'm biased and see BillGuard as the best iOS app out there for credit card monitoring. It turns your statements into a "smart inbox" so that you can quickly review your charges with swipes. If you're looking for a free, smart finance tracking app, then check out BillGuard on the App Store.
  • Bill Reminder (
    The best feature is Dropbox backup :). I love it
  • I honestly don't mind having my financial information with me on my phone. I prefer the convenience over any possible security risk. However I have yet to find something that gives me the level of convenience I am looking for. Mint is great, but it's not always up to date with the local bank I do my banking with. It takes forever to update, so if I need to quickly check my balance, it's a 5-minute process *minimum*. Matthew from