Best iPhone and iPad apps to follow the 2012 Presidential Election

The 2012 Presidential Election is just around the corner and what a better way to follow the campaigns than with your iPhone and iPad! Whether it's seeing what the news is saying, checking facts, viewing maps with live polling data, or a neutral source with information about both candidates, iMore has got you covered!

WP Politics for iPad

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WP Politics is an iPad app by The Washington Post that will keep you informed about the political news that matter, but also claims to help separate truth from spin and reality from rhetoric through interactive tools, maps, and more. Some of the features of WP Politics includes the latest news, the Fact Checker, a "Candidate Tool" that illustrate where Obama and Romney stand in relation to one another, and interactive polling map, and a "Campaign Files" archive that allows users to quickly sort and view the last 48 hours of content by candidate, issue and content type. With a $2.99 premium subscription, you can see content that's older than 48 hours old in the Campaign Files, access the "Insider's Corner" that offers politically-oriented blog content including Ezra Klein’s Wonkblog and Chris Cillizza’s The Fix, and more.

NBC Politics for iPhone and iPad

The NBC Politics app for iPhone and iPad delivers the power of NBC News’ political reporting – anytime, anywhere. NBC News’ political experts cover every angle of the political landscape to give you the latest news and best insights and analysis from Capitol Hill and the White House to the campaign trail. Features include video of the latest agenda-setting interviews and reports from "Meet the Press with David Gregory," "The Daily Rundown with Chuck Todd," "Andrea Mitchell Reports," and NBC News' entire line-up of news broadcasts and platforms, a Battleground Map (iPad only) that gives you the tools to test potential electoral votes outcomes, a Tip Sheet that gives a round-up of the day's most memorable, must-know moments and headlines, live election results, details about both Presidential candidates, and more.

Settle It! PolitiFact's Argument Ender for iPhone

Settle It! - PolitiFact's Argument Ender is a free iPhone app that lets you look up Truth-O-Meter fact-checks from to verify the "facts" being thrown around by the Presidential Candidates. You can check facts by searching name, keywords, and subject, browse the Truth-O-Meter ratings by person and subject, share your finding to Facebook and Twitter, and take the PolitiFact Challenge to test your knowledge.

2012 Map: The Presidential Election App for iPhone

With 2012 Map: The Presidential Election App you can view live maps that are updated daily with the newest polling data; “Historical” maps that detail every election, from 1789 through 2008; and a blank map that you can customize from scratch. You can tap states to change their colors or tap and hold to see their details including percentages for each candidate, electoral votes, and previous winners, and share your scenario on Facebook and Twitter.

USA Election 2012 for iPhone

USA Election 2012 is a non-partisan iPhone app that will help you make an informed decision about who to vote for in the 2012 Presidential Election. You can view up to day polling information, info on the economy and jobs, experiment with a map to play out different scenarios, and keep informed on election news with a customizable RSS feed.

Your favorite apps to follow the 2012 Presidential Election?

These are just a handful of the many different apps available that are dedicated to this year's Presidential Election. Did we miss your favorite one? If so, please let us know in the comments below!

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