Best apps with Notification Center widgets for iOS 8: All the things at a glance!

iOS 8 brought with it the introduction of Notification Center widgets for both iPhone and iPad. That means you can get sports scores, delivery information for all your packages, and lots more with just a quick swipe. While not all apps support Today View widgets just yet, these are currently the best iPhone apps and best iPad apps that take advantage of widgets in iOS 8!

Fantastical 2

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Best apps with Notification Center widgets for iOS 8: Fantastical 2

Most of us here around iMore use Fantastical 2 in place of the stock Calendar app. In doing so we now get a beautiful Notification Center widget that lets you thumb through months and view all your reminders and calendar events for the day at a glance. Tap on any one of them and you're immediately taken to that particular item. It doesn't get much more convenient than that in terms of efficiency.

If you want calendar and reminder info that's thoughtfully laid out and accessible in just a swipe, Fantastical 2 is your answer.


Best apps with Notification Center widgets for iOS 8: PCalc

PCalc is one of the most advanced calculators available on the App Store and you can now access it easier than ever by adding it to Notification Center. All of us have had times where we spend a few seconds digging for the calculator app or searching for it. The PCalc widget eliminates all of that by putting a full calculator at your fingertips in just a swipe downwards.

If you're tired of fumbling around your Home screen to perform quick calculations on the go, PCalc in Notification Center is a dream come true.


Best apps with Notification Center widgets for iOS 8: Evernote

If you use Evernote, you'll be happy to know that the latest update supports Notification Center widgets by letting you create new notes, reminders, and lists in a single tap. Once you've added the Evernote widget to Notification Center, you'll instantly have access to creating new content in just seconds.

For those that live and breathe by Evernote, you'll definitely want to add the Evernote widget to your Notification Center Today View.

  • Free with optional subscriptions - Download Now (opens in new tab)

TeeVee 3

Best apps with Notification Center widgets for iOS 8: TeeVee 3

TeeVee 3 keeps track of all your tv shows in a beautifully designed interface that's easy to use and fun to look at. Just load up your favorite shows and you're good to go. And with support for iOS 8 widgets, you can see all of your upcoming shows in just a glance so you never miss one again, or at the very least, remember to record it!

If you're a couch surfer and want a great way to track your tv shows right from Notification Center, TeeVee 3 is what you want.

Writing Aid

Best apps with Notification Center widgets for iOS 8: Writing Aid

Writing Aid is one of my favorite dictionary apps for iPhone simply because it's simple, easy to use, and lets you type in synonyms or strings of words when you don't know the right word to use. It's unique and it's a joy to use. Writing Aid now comes complete with Notification Center widget support that lets you view the word of the day at a glance, and let's face it, all of us can benefit from expanding our vocabulary on a regular basis.

If you want a great dictionary and meanings app along with a way to learn new words each and every day right in Notification Center, look no further than Writing Aid.

ESPN SportsCenter

Best apps with Notification Center widgets for iOS 8: SportsCenter

I like to keep up with my favorite sports teams but sometimes I don't want notifications bombarding my iPhone, or can't have them on for one reason or another. Of course you can always check an app but why when ESPN SportsCenter can keep you up to date on scores and even stream live radio right from the Lock screen of your iPhone, thanks to widget support. Once you've configured your teams and a few other settings, you're good to go!

If you're a sports fanatic, ESPN SportsCenter can provide info on your favorite teams and live radio in widget form now.

Dark Sky

Best apps with Notification Center widgets for iOS 8: Dark Sky

Dark Sky is scary accurate at predicting rain, snow, or any other kind of precipitation. The app is also gorgeously designed and easy to use. Not only that, Dark Sky also offers an option for a Notification Center widget that lets you see what you can expect over the next hour without even having to launch the app itself.

If you want easy access to up to the minute precipitation data, there's nothing better than the Dark Sky widget.


Best apps with Notification Center widgets for iOS 8: Deliveries

Deliveries is one of my absolute favorite apps when it comes to tracking packages. If you have a URL on your clipboard, Deliveries automatically recognizes it and can import it. With support for any kind of tracking as well as push notifications, Deliveries supports pretty much any kind of shipment you could need. Not only that, Deliveries also offers a Notification Center widget so in a quick pulldown you can see a countdown to when your package is scheduled to arrive next to the the latest status update.

For quick access to all your package deliveries in a single swipe, look no further than Deliveries.

Your favorite iPhone and iPad apps with widget support?

If you've found some particularly awesome apps that support widgets in iOS 8, be sure to let me know in the comments what they are and what makes them so great!

Allyson Kazmucha

iMore senior editor from 2011 to 2015.

  • I can't get ANY widgets to show up in my Notification screen. When I click edit there is nothing there!!
  • You have to have those apps installed. Not sure if you do or not. But for example: you want Evernote widgets install the Evernote app
  • ...AND you have to enable notifications... AND you have to go to Today screen, click EDIT (all the way at the bottom) and move the app to INCLUDE it on the Today screen.
  • You on iOS 8, and have installed any of the above apps?
  • Yes, I have Yahoo Weather, Kindle, DropBox and I just loaded Launcher and nothing shows. I have even rebooted.
  • Have you tried resetting all settings on your phone? I can't imagine why you see nothing when you tap 'Edit'.
  • I did that to the location and privacy - I haven't done that with the other settings.
  • I did the Reset All and after 2 reboots I have them back!! Thank you so much!!!!
  • Did you click edit at the bottom of the Today Screen and select the widgets you want? _______________________________
    Check me on instagram @stwesley
  • I hope Fantastical gets one going soon, so I can replace the stock calendar app's widget...
  • Weather app doesn't work for me. I get "Sorry. Weather information is not available" and a crying cloud. LOL.
  • Location Services has to be set to Always.
  • I'm really loving Paste+
  • I looked at that and even loaded it but I haven't found a good use for it since apps already share... what do you use it for?
  • Mostly shooting things like links or webpages to other machines via PushBullet. I'm also learning a new language so the translate using Google Translate function is handy. The search in Google and Wikipedia is also useful. I just downloaded so I'm still figuring out it's uses myself.
  • Hmmm...those don't look like widgets...more like enhanced notifications. Posted via the Android iMore App!
  • Basically, but are you insinuating that Android had widgets before Apple did? If so, then you are on typical Android retard fanboy.
  • Not sure what you mean...? You mean some you can interact with and some you can't? It's the same as on my N5... some widgets just display information (like weather widgets) however on Android they are still considered widgets no? Some widgets you can interact with -like the calculator one where you can do calculations right there in the pull down widget area-. There are many other widgets that are completely interaction based like Agenda+ or Evernote or Wanderlist or Clear, or list goes on... you get the picture. Maybe I don't understand what you mean by they don't look like widgets. What about them is not widget like? I'm asking honestly with no pretense, pay no attention to the douche cttwbw who posted above me.
  • He is just saying they dont fall into his definition of widget.
    Kinda like android doesn't really fall into the definition of smartphone. Sent from the iMore App
  • Of you want a free calculator widget download Wdgts. Wdgts - A Collection of Awesome Notification Center Widgets by Tanmay Sonawane Sent from the iMore App
  • Launcher is everything I've ever wanted out of iOS. Thanks for this!!!
  • i can't seem to find launcher in the app store...?
  • Mark, Apple removed Launcher from the App Store: businessinsider[.]com/apple-removes-launcher-app-2014-9 I wish I would've downloaded it in time.
  • You know...I like the Yahoo Weather app...but I don't really care for a full image in the notification widget. I think a more simple set of glyphs would look better. For instance, I'd like to have an option to just display the glyph-styled information for today and the next few days (or up to a week or whatever). Basically a horizontal version of the list in the right-side screenshot for the Weather app above. Edit: And to go on-topic. I also really like the Day One widget, and I'm looking forward to a healthkit widget. :) I also find it useful to have a more limited set of widgets on my phone and a more broad set on my iPad.
  • The more I use the notification center the more I like it. Wdgts (no typo) has a nice collections of apps that appear in the notification center. I like the calculator and the calendar widgets
  • I've been using The Guardian's app recently, as it's beautiful and is a slightly nicer way to read their web content. They updated the app recently to include a notification centre widget which shows the three top news stories. Not the most advanced thing in the world, but nice enough. The biggie we'll be Google Now, if it ever happens.
  • I love Yahoo's Weather app, but the widget looks horrible. They need to fix that ASAP
  • I'm really liking Forecast+. It's a nice small forecast widget that can expand when clicked to show the next few days. Also Agenda+ for a clean concise agenda and reminder widget.
  • Yahoo's News Digest app claims to have widget support - but in my case it just always shows 'unable to load', even while the actual app itself works fine...
  • Readdle's Calendar app is pretty awesome, but I'm hoping MiCal comes out with one as I love that app.
  • Omnifocus has been just fantastic. Made the app even better, and I'm so glad the developers decided not to charge extra for it (they charge a ton for these apps).
  • Launcher is very cool but I learned it sends data about your usage and then sells it to third parties.
  • Really?! Do you have a link?
  • It's on the developer website under privacy.
  • I checked the link below, but I don't understand the repeated "but they may collect information via their SDK" in the third parties section (I've pasted that section below). Does anyone know what that means, i.e., what is being sent to the "third parties"? Thanks! *****************************************************************************
    Flurry We use the Flurry SDK for analytics. Flurry may collect information about your device and activities within our application in order to provide us with aggregate information that we can use to enhance your experience. We do not send any of the information we collect from you to Flurry, but they may collect information via their SDK. You can view Flurry's privacy policy here: AppsFlyer We use the AppsFlyer SDK for attribution. AppsFlyer may collect information about your device and activities within our application in order to provide us with aggregate information that we can use to measure the success of our distribution channels. We do not send any of the information we collect from you to AppsFlyer, but they may collect information via their SDK. You can view AppsFlyer's privacy policy here: Advertising Partners We may or may not display advertising from the following companies via their respective SDKs. Again, we do not send any of the information we collect from you to any of these partners, but they may collect information via their SDKs. MoPub - MoPub Privacy Policy
  • WeatherPro and Sky Guide both have great Widgets.
  • Forecast+ is a nice weather widget. At the moment it's only specific to a set location but an update is promised to make it based on location.
  • I like espn widget Sent from the iMore App
  • Launcher partially is like Launch Centre pro..
  • Lots of ways to make the Notification Center cluttered, and more cumbersome than just launching the app... An exception might be swapping out a 3rd party calendar in the for the stock one -- but for the most part it can easily become a long, inconvenient, scrolling list of junk
  • is there any apps that have a widget for traffic conditions? like say what my drive time to work will be each day>?
  • Google Now
  • Google (the app) does not have a Google Now widget in Notification least not yet. Sent from the iMore App
  • That would be great if so.
  • I've been using N Stats since iOS 8 came out and have since added Launcher for quick access to some of the most used Settings & YouTube & ESPN SportsCenter. I've got Kindle Installed but don't use the Today Widget. Roland
  • I'm waiting for Dark Sky iOS 8 update. Sent from the iMore App
  • I had to download the yahoo weather app cause the one is trash for the widget.
  • The Guardian, Buzzfeed, Bing, News Republic, and News 360 have nice widgets. Sent from the iMore App
  • Another Shameless fan here!haha Thanks for the tips as always!
  • My favorite widget so far is the EPSN. My iOS8 Widget wishlist: Simple note
    Message (texting) compose
    Twitter Quick Reply & Compose
    Xbox Message Quick Reply & Compose
  • Is anyone else getting a "This page is temporarily unavailable" error message in iTunes when they try to go to the Launcher app via the link?
  • Apple has pulled the trigger. Sent from the iMore App
  • Hey Ally, Launcher in no longer on the AppStore.
    "Apple has taken Launcher off of the App Store. We tried to avoid this, but Apple decided to disallow widgets with our functionality." - Launcher Twitter page
  • The calculator app is already accessible with a swipe up from the bottom. I don't use a calculator enough to need a second calculator app just so I can open it with a swipe down from the top. Sent from the iMore App
  • Just tried to update to launcher pro, Apple removed it from the app store. That is just ridiculous, just a few days ago Allison was quoted as saying Launcher was her favorite widget, I tried it and also loved it, go to upgrade and not good. Apple needs to loosen the he'll up, to remove launcher is ridiculous Sent from the iMore App
  • There is also a great Notification Center Widget in Health and Fitness app Fjuul. Here on the App Store:
  • Just noticed a security issue with the Evernote widget - anyone with access to your phone can swipe down from the lock screen, create a new Evernote note from the widget and exit by pressing the home button. That person now has full access to your apps without authenticating.
  • I'm loving the widgets for the Sunrise app. It integrates info/alerts from Calendar, Reminders, and other apps like Evernote.
  • I prefer the Weather Underground widget. It will use the closest PWS (personal weather station), not the nearest NWS (National Weather Service station), usually providing a more accurate report of conditions near you. I do like the ESPN SportsCenter widget, thank you for letting us know on that one.
  • The best widget to compliment full fledge weather apps is Thermo Diem. It simply shows if today will be much warmer, warmer, similar, cooler, or much cooler than yesterday.
  • Does anyone know a stock market app for iPad that has Notification Center Widget?
  • 1SecMoney can record your expenses on widget
  • You simply cannot beat the Beweather 2 app/widget for iOS 8. It is the best weather app period!
  • Visit for more details:
  • Another vote for the Weather Underground widget. Also critical and excellent are the Yahoo Sports widget (which I think is better than ESPN), and Transit (at a glance I can see the nearest bus times for my current location).
  • - "Is Metra Late" for Chicago suburban Metra commuters to quickly access status if you loop-bound or home-bound train.
    - "NYT Now" for news junkies to see top NYT stories.
    - "WhereAmINow" for travlers.
    - "SportsCenter" for a quick sports score recap for your teams.
  • Great suggestions thank you, and some I have never heard of and looking forward to purchasing over the Holidays!!
  • Wunderlist Sent from the iMore App
  • I looked at PCalc and I agree that a calculator as a widget is very nice to have because it means the user always have a calculator available without needing to locate the app or even unlock their iPhone. However this widget is very expensive and not all that easy to use. EZCalculate Widget is low-cost and very easy to use calculator widget. Please consider "EZCalculate Widget" as a low-cost easy to use calculator widget. URL:
  • I have been using Waze for my GPS needs for a couple of years now. Not only is it free, in my opinion it is one of the best GPSs for your phone you can get. With the new update you now have the option for quick navigation through widgets.
  • Love GA.TODAY: Google Analytics widget –
  • Checkout Places Around widget. Find the places and services around you from the notification center it self, without even opening the app!