Best apps to show off your new iPhone 5

After picking up your brand new iPhone 5, you probably immediately noticed that many of your favorite apps didn't take advantage of the iPhone 5's nice big screen. While this is a disappointment, don't fret, because a countless number of apps are being updated daily with optimizations for the new screen. But in the meantime, take a look at some of our favorite iPhone apps that have offered support for the new iPhone 5 since its release.


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Tweetbot has been one of our favorite Twitter apps since its release, and the already awesome experience is better than ever on the iPhone 5's bigger screen. Since the iPhone 5 has a taller screen, you are able to see at least one additional tweet making the entire Twitter experience with Tweetbot extra enjoyable and inviting.


Pinterest is a gorgeous app, but on the smaller screen of the previous iPhone models, the UI felt a little cramped. Well, Pinterest has definitely benefited from a taller, vs wider, screen. It's a joy to scroll though all the pins and view the gorgeous photos on the iPhone 5's vibrant display. You can also quickly scroll down your feeds without a single hiccup. If you're a recovering Pinterest addict, you may just have a relapse once you experience the Pinterest app on your new iPhone 5.


Flipboard for iPhone is your own personal magazine featuring the articles and social feeds you care about most. On the iPhone 5, this magazine is just stunning. First of all, each page now displays six full squares, and second -- they're gorgeous. Since Flipboard is a very image-heavy app, the extra vibrance and contrast in the iPhone 5's screen really makes Flipboard look amazing. Your friends will be in total awe when they see Flipboard on your new iPhone 5.

Weather 2x

Any app that provides information will definitely benefit from the iPhone 5's larger screen and Weather 2x is no exception, especially since it's paired with beautiful imagery. Weather 2x is seriously one of the most beautiful weather apps I've ever laid my eyes on. It displays basic weather information over a beautiful photograph and with a simple tap, you can see even more. Sliding the screen up will reveal a 5 day forecast, sliding to the left will reveal an hourly forecast, and sliding to the right will let you choose the location. Beautiful app -- for real.


Pocket is a very popular "read later" service that lets you save articles that you find on the web, social networks, apps, and more. On the iPhone, Pocket displays your available articles in a list with a thumbnail featuring the articles' main image. Everything about Pocket benefits from the iPhone 5' taller screen. The list is longer, the photos are more beautiful, and more of each article can be read at once.

Agenda Calendar

Agenda Calendar has been my favorite calendar app on the iPhone for quite some time now and my love for it has only grown with the iPhone 5. With the taller screen, I can now see my entire work week at once when in the week view. When adding an event with the keyboard in use, I can still see plenty information on the the remaining portion of the screen. If you've ever considered ditching Apple's built-in Calendar app, definitely take a look at Agenda.


iBooks is a great app for showing off your new iPhone 5 not only because you can read more of your books at once, but because iBooks has always been notorious for being a bit laggy and lacking in the performance department. On the iPhone 5, iBooks shows off the speed of the new A6 chip. Your books load onto your bookshelf must quicker and you can quickly flip through pages without skipping a beat.


I've never been a big fan of writing apps on the iPhone simply because of the cramped feeling on the small screen. The keyboard would take up so much of the screen that I would only be able to see a sentence or two at a time while I typed. Well, now that the iPhone 5 has a taller display, they keyboard takes up a smaller percentage of the screen allowing me to see more of what I've written. And what's the best writing app for iPhone? Well that's easy -- Byword!


We've already mentioned several times that the iPhone 5's display is phenomenal for photos, but it doesn't hurt to say it again. When you take photos with your iPhone 5, you will be dying to edit them to perfection to share them with the world -- that's where iPhoto comes in. iPhoto is an excellent photo editing app for the iPhone that is robust, yet easy to use. And since it's optimized for the iPhone 5's larger screen, you'll be able to see more of your photo at once while you edit. This is always a plus.


The iPhone 5 has a larger display, a display with a 16:9 aspect ratio to be exact. What a coincidence, that's the standard ratio for HD movies! Not only is watching videos on your iPhone a wonderful experience, but so is editing them. Since Apple optimized iMovie for the iPhone 5's larger screen, the editing tools take up a smaller percentage of the screen letting you see more of the movie you're creating.

Launch Center Pro

The Home screen isn't the only thing that benefits from the iPhone 5's extra row of icons -- Launch Center Pro does as well. While the Home screen lets add another 4 apps, Launch Center Pro lets you add an extra row of actions. That means everything from launching your password manager right into a search for the oft-used login, or adding something right into your favorite task manager, or texting that someone special, or just toggling your screen brightness no longer have to fight as viciously as they used to for screen real-estate. Now 15 of them can get along just fine, all at once, all on the same screen. It's 1/5th more action for your iPhone 5.

Your favorite iPhone 5 apps?

There's just a small list of some our favorite lists on the iPhone 5, now tell us yours!

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