Best apps with Siri Shortcuts integration

Getting things done the way you want them done on your iPhone or iPad got way easier in iOS 12 with Siri Shortcuts. Now that iOS 12 has shipped, iOS 12 apps with Siri Shortcuts will begin to hit the store in number. A week from now, two weeks from now, we'll all wonder how we ever lived without them before. Here are the best apps with Siri Shortcuts integration (so far)!

CARROT Weather

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CARROT brings you the weather, but with a spiteful twist. Cast as a human-hating artificial intelligence, with such comments as "I hope you get a sunburn," and "Your heating bill is going to bankrupt you," you'll always get a laugh out of your CARROT weather report. Plus, the more you use CARROT Weather, the more you will unlock secret locations, like Mount Doom and a certain Outer Rim Moisture Farm.

Now with Siri Shortcuts the AI that runs CARROT can communicate with Siri is funny and super useful ways! You can ask Siri for a short-term or long-term forecast and she'll tell you what CARROT says, with sarcastic wit and all.

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Streaks is an app for tracking consecutive tasks — whether it's walking the dog, doing yoga, standing for a certain amount of the day, or more. It even integrates with the Apple Watch and the Health app to track certain tasks automatically. Not only can you keep on top of your streaks with Siri, but the app's watchOS complication is surprisingly useful. White dots mean you've completed your task for the day; gray dots nag you to finish on up.

With Streaks' latest update all the habits you track can be assigned a custom phrase to remind you what needs to be done or what is completed! You can set up a Siri Shortcut, in the settings of the Streaks app under the "Hey, Siri" section.

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Overcast features a design that's both beautiful and practical. Everything's laid out and organized in a way that's easy to understand, and navigation's fast and responsive. While you can listen to your podcasts just by tapping on the show and episode you want, Overcast's support for custom playlists is exceptional and provides a seamless listening experience.

Siri Shortcuts enables you to play Overcast in the background with a custom phrase! You can even set up custom phrases to play, pause, got to the next episode, seek forward, seek backward, and so much more!

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Things 3

Things 3 is the latest iteration of the simple but useful list-making app. It's always been easy to use with nothing to distract you from your task managing focus. However, the third version really nails it with better-advanced planning options, a more intuitive interface with comfortable gestures, and a Magic Button that makes adding a new task to your list super easy. You can drag and drop any item to move it, or select a group of tasks and move them all at once. You can swipe right to add a date or swipe left to mark a task complete. When in the main list menu, you can swipe to the left to add a checklist to a task or group. Everything important is easy to get to but isn't overwhelming to learn how to use.

Things 3 allows you to configure shortcuts in two sections: Add To-Do and Show List. Things gives plenty of options in those to sections to create useful and deep custom shortcuts.

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PCalc's App Store tagline is "The Best Calculator" and that may just be true. It's one of the most full-featured calculator apps around, and thanks to its availability on iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch, and Mac, it's ubiquitous. It's the perfect calculator app for scientists and engineers, featuring buttons and options for advanced functions, like an optional RPN mode and multi-line display. You can choose your button layout, keep track of calculations with its paper tape feature, undo and redo as you please, and much more. If you perform even the most complex calculations, including hexadecimal, octal, and binary, then PCalc is the way to go.

Inside PCalc's own settings, the Siri Shortcuts section will show you a multitude of activities you recently did inside the app. From here you'll be able to assign custom shortcuts to do specific calculations and much more!

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Halide Camera

One of the best and most elegant camera apps available on iOS, Halide comes with features like focus peaking and a powerful manual focus, full manual controls including exposure, ISO, and white balance, live histogram for perfect exposure shots, quick-review of each of your shots, intelligent automatic and manual mode, and a beautiful, easy-to-use, gesture-based interface.

Siri Shortcuts and Halide can work together to let you say something like "Hey Siri, fire the shutter", and seamless Halide will open and snap a shot!

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What are your favorites?

More apps with Siri Shortcuts are bound to start popping up on the App Store. Let us know your favorite apps in the comments down below!

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