Best selfie apps for iPhone: Picr, Snapchat, FaceTune, and more!

From taking to editing to sharing, these are the very best selfie apps for iPhone!

Looking for the absolute best iPhone apps in the App Store? You've come to the right place! Selfies — short for self-portaits — are a big thing on mobile and so is the iPhone. More people take more selfies with the iPhone than just about any camera in the world. But how do you get the very best selfies on your iPhone? By using a great selfie app, of course! The App Store is full of apps to help you capture the best selfie possible on your iPhone. From collecting all your selfies in one place to fixing skin blemishes to self destructing photos, there are apps for that! But which one is the best?


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The best apps for taking great selfies on your iPhone: Picr

Picr acts as a selfie journal by reminding you to snap a pic of yourself each and every day. You can then put together a short video of yourself over a year's time period. Not only can Picr remind you to take a photo of yourself, it can help you remember to take photos when you're at an event or on a trip you want to remember. Just set up reminders to go off at set intervals so you remember to take photos. To add unlimited reminders, you will need the Pro version of Picr which is available as an in-app purchase for $2.99. This unlocks all features.

If you fancy the idea of a photo journal of yourself, definitely give Picr a good look.


The best apps for taking great selfies on your iPhone: Snapchat

Snapchat lets you take any kind of photo you want but let's face it, most people use it for selfies. After snapping a photo you can add text overlays and send it to whoever you'd like. You can set your photos to self destruct after a certain amount of time too. That way you know they're never passed on or shared without your permission or knowledge. Hey, we aren't here to judge what you're taking photos of!

If you want a selfie app that offers discretion and self destructing options, Snapchat sets the gold standard.


The best apps for taking great selfies on your iPhone: FaceTune

FaceTune is a photo editing app that can work some serious wonders on blemishes. Just open the photo you want to edit with FaceTune or snap a new one. You can then edit things like skin blemishes, yellowed teeth, and even adjust your skin's texture. This is great for times when perhaps you've got some redness or dry skin you need to smooth out. I have been seriously impressed with the patch quality FaceTune does. You get pretty much a Photoshop editing job in the palm of your hand.

If you need to remove blemishes, patch skin, or perform any other cosmetic editing, there is only FaceTune.


The best apps for taking great selfies on your iPhone: SnapDash

SnapDash makes selfies a social game. Choose a category in SnapDash and you'll be given a phrase that you are supposed to act out. You then have 6 seconds to make your best face and pose. You can then share your selfie with friends and on social networks. Your friends can then respond with their own. Your SnapDash profile then accumulates all of your SnapDashes along with all the achievements you've unlocked.

If you want more fun with selfies, SnapDash is a great way to include friends and family.

Camera app

The best apps for taking great selfies on your iPhone: Camera app

Sure there are lots of selfie apps available in the App Store but since the iPhone 4 and above come with a front facing camera built right in, the Camera app that comes with your iPhone supports front facing photos as well. It may not have the bells and whistles that some of the other options have, but it gets the job done with no additional apps required.

If you only take selfies occasionally or don't want to spend money on third party apps, the Camera app that comes with your iPhone gets the job done.

  • Built-in

Your picks?

If you regularly snap selfies on your iPhone, which apps do you use the most and why? If I missed your favorite let me know what it is and why you love it!

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