Best UK Shopping apps for iPhone and iPad: Amazon, ASDA, Ocado and more!

The best UK shopping apps for your iPhone and iPad to get through the festive season!

It's the holiday season, and for most of us that means the pain pleasure of shopping for gifts for loved ones, or for that gigantic family meal you've got planned for Christmas Day. Thankfully, the iPhone and iPad are now real tools you can use to help get the shopping done, and it certainly isn't limited to our North American buddies.

So, here's a selection of some of the best to get your holiday shopping done, UK style.

Amazon Mobile

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It's almost too obvious, but the Amazon Mobile app for the iPhone and iPad is almost essential for anyone wanting to do some real gift shopping on the go. It even offers access to Amazon UK's Lightning Deals, so you need not miss out just because you need to leave the house. And, it recently got a full-bore iOS 7 makeover, so it looks great to boot.

If you want to buy almost anything, then Amazon is one to have.

Amazon Local

Different to the main Amazon app, Amazon Local is all about deals around your area. Granted, here in the UK that can often mean literally everywhere, but there's some great stuff to be found. A great example right now is the amount of hotel and spa offers, and there's often some fantastic discounts to be had. Best of all for gift buying, you can gift any of the deals in there, so you don't even have to buy a card to go with it! Since it's Amazon, all you need is a registered Amazon account and you're good to go.

If you're looking for a deal, particularly on hotels or spa trips this holiday season, Amazon Local is well worth your time.


Part of the Walmart family, ASDA can sell you pretty much everything from clothing to turkeys and back again. With the ASDA iPhone app you can get your food shopping done in the palm of your hand without ever having to leave the house. And it's even been given the iOS 7 treatment, so extra points in that respect. In fact, it's that which sets it above some of the competiting supermarkets; the app experience is pretty darn good. And you don't need to brave the aisles during the busy season.

Perfect for anyone who wants their groceries to come to them, rather than them going to the groceries.


Another supermarket app, only this time not for one found in your local town. Ocado is the UK's only dedicated online supermarket and it comes with a pretty fine looking application for iPhone and iPad that should make shopping for your Christmas dinner a breeze. Ocado also promises to price match some of the leading supermarkets. Using Ocado on your iPhone or iPad is a pleasurable experience, and it doesn't disappoint considering it comes from a dedicated online supermarket.

Not happy with any of the leading UK supermarkets, then give Ocado and its mobile apps a try.

Hot UK Deals Official

This isn't the greatest looking app ever designed, but it's one that savvy shoppers would do well to have on their iPhone or iPad since it's packed to the rafters with great deals on all kinds of products. It crowd sources information, so you stand to find deals that you would otherwise have missed, or ones that retailers aren't exactly pushing. Personally speaking I've found countless great deals using this app, and it's one I wouldn't be without. An iOS 7 makeover wouldn't go amiss though.

If you're a deal hunter, then you need this app.

Apple Store

What roundup of quality shopping apps would be complete without mentioning Apple's own? While here in the UK we might not have the fancy new iPad app, the iPhone app is everything an Apple shopper could need. Buy online, use Easypay in store, but perhaps most fitting for the holidays, you can send Apple Store Gift Cards and iTunes Store Gift Cards right from the app without ever having to go near your computer, or even thinking about going outside.

Perfect for gifting to the Apple fan in your life, or even just to treat yourself to a cheeky gift!

Your picks

So, those are some of our selections to help make the festive shopping a little easier, but there's no way we'd ever cover them all. If you've got a favorite UK based shopping app for the iPhone or iPad, be sure to drop it into the comments below and share it with us all!

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