Best beer and wine apps for iPhone: Untappd, Drync, Elixr, and more!

From creating wine pairings to rating craft brews, these are the best iPhone apps for beer and wine drinkers!

Looking for the best iPhone apps to help you discover great beer and wine? You've come to the right place! While the App Store may not have a wealth of beer and wine apps to choose from, it's got a good enough selection to take the guess work out of choosing which bottle of wine you should buy or which local brewery deserves a visit. But which beer and and wine apps are the very best?


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Best beer and wine apps for iPhone: Untappd

Untappd is a social beer finding app that lets you connect with friends as well as find popular beer around you. Add friends or view people nearby to see what they're drinking. Untappd offers a wealth of information on local and craft beers including ratings from others. You can then add beers to your wish list or find places that sell or serve them right within Untappd.

If you want beer drinking to be a social affair, you want Untappd.

Beer Buddy

Best beer and wine apps for iPhone: Beer Buddy

Beer Buddy focuses on the beer and only the beer. Search for beers by location, by type, and more. You can then view in-depth information on a specific beer along with reviews from other Beer Buddy users. You can also check out events and news about beer too. While Beer Buddy doesn't carry the social aspect Untappd does, it puts the beer front and center and provides more information than you can shake a stick at.

If you want to learn and discover as much about beer as you can, you can't go wrong with Beer Buddy.


Best beer and wine apps for iPhone: Drync

Drync is an app all about wine. Not only can you scan any label to view information about a particular bottle, you can also compare prices, purchase wine, and have it shipped straight to your door right through the Drync app. You can also use Drync to track and rate your favorite wines as well as view ratings from other Drync users.

If you want an all in one place to browse, buy, pair, and rate wine, get Drync.

Vivino Pro

Best beer and wine apps for iPhone: Vivino Pro

Vivino Pro is much like the Drync app but has a much more in-depth system for managing and storing your favorite wines. Not only can you add wines inside the Vivino Pro app, you can also upload existing photos and maintain a virtual wine cellar of your favorites so you never forget one. As you add things Vivino Pro can recommend other wines it thinks you'll like based on your tastes. You can also check out what other Vivino users are drinking.

If you want the largest library of wines paired with the best way to manage them, check out Vivino Pro.

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Best beer and wine apps for iPhone: Elixr

Elixr is a rating app not only for beer and wine, but any kind of alcoholic drink. You can follow your friends on Facebook or from your contacts as well as find other Elixr members around you. To start finding great drinks just look for places around you and then tap on the name to view drinks other members have rated. The only down side is that smaller areas don't seem to have a vast amount of information. If you live in a large suburban area though, you should find a decent amount of reviews and data within Elixr.

If you want a single app for beer, wine, and cocktail information and ratings, Elixr is your best bet.

Your favorite beer and wine apps?

Last year I wrote an article talking about how I felt the selection of beer and wine apps was lacking in the App Store. Offerings have somewhat improved since then but I still find myself wishing there were more options to choose from. Do you have any great beer and wine apps on your iPhone? If so, what are they and what makes them so great? Be sure to let me know in the comments!

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