Best biking and cycling apps for iPhone: Strava, Cyclemeter, VeloPal, and more!

The best iPhone apps for cyclists to help you train harder, bike farther, and stay safer!

Looking for the best iPhone apps to help you track your rides? Whether you're blazing the trails or training for your next triathlon, you may want an iPhone app that you can take with you to help track your progress. For the most hardcore cyclists, there are even apps that can share your location with loved ones at all times in case something were to happen. Regardless of what you need to track, there are lots of choices available in the App Store. But what cycling and biking apps for the iPhone are the absolute best?


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Best biking and cycling apps for iPhone: VeloPal

VeloPal can track all your cycling data in one place including GPS location, distance, altitude, calories burned, time, speed, and much more. Since VeloPal can work in the background, you can also use your Music app or any other app on your iPhone without worrying about it interrupting your workout. There are all kinds of useful ways to view your data in VeloPal as well including an easy to use calendar view, a detailed activity view, and much more.

If you want the ability to create custom charts for the data you care about most, check out VeloPal.

Map My Ride+

Best biking and cycling apps for iPhone: Map My Run+

Map My Ride+ is by the same makers of the popular running app, Map My Run. With Map My Run+ you can track calories, distance, and time with audio alerts so you always know right where you are in your workout without having to actually pick up your iPhone to check. Map My Ride+ is also an all-in-one health tracker as well so you can track nutrition to see what you're burning in relation to what you're intaking.

For a cycling app that not only tracks your workouts but your food intake as well, give Map My Ride+ a try.


Best biking and cycling apps for iPhone: Cyclemeter

Cyclemeter may very well be one of the most feature complete cycling apps you're going to find, on any platform. Not only can you track every statistic you can possibly thing of, you can customize over 120 audio alerts to let you know exactly where you are during a certain ride. Cyclemeter also lets you share your workouts online as well as notify friends and family of exactly where you are, whether during a race or just for safety reasons. Cyclemeter also has built-in training assistance to help you get ready for any kind of race you may be prepping for. You can also export your data to many different formats including .CSV, .KVL, and more.

For the most feature complete cycling and biking app available to date, you need Cyclemeter.


Best biking and cycling apps for iPhone: Strava

Strava can track both running and cycling inside one app. What makes Strava unique from other tracking apps is the community behind it. You can compete against other runners and rides on the leaderboards as well as check out routes that other Strava users around you have already created. If you want, you can share ones you've personally created as well. Strava also works with most ANT+ and Bluetooth LE sensors to collect heart rate and cadence data.

If community is what you're looking for, check out Strava. It's also a great option if you have accessories you want to use, such as heart rate monitors.


Best biking and cycling apps for iPhone: iBiker

iBiker supports an incredible amount of third party wearables and accessories that can't be matched by many other fitness apps. All the data you'd expect to find is there including calories, distance, voice feedback, charts, maps, and more. The real pull for iBiker is wearables. Support includes the Jawbone UP, Fitbit, Polar, Adidas, and even the BLE Foot Pod. There is also support for many other third party apps to pull in data such as MyFitnessPal, RunKeeper, and many more.

If you're into wearables and need a cycling app that supports all of them, look no further than iBiker.

Your favorite iPhone apps for cycling?

If you frequently head out on your bike with iPhone in hand, what apps do you never leave home without? Be sure to let me know in the comments!

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