Best birthday tracking apps

We all have friends (well, most of us), and they have birthdays (well, most of them). It's too hard to remember everyone's birthday — there are 365 days in a year! And, cluttering up your fridge calendar with all your friends' and family's birthdays leaves no room for stuff that actually matters.


It all matters, I promise! Here are the best apps to help you keep track of and wish all the people you love happy b-day!

Happy B'Day!

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No, it's not "Happy Bidet", it's 'B' day, and it's a great tool for remembering birthdays and sending best wishes on your friends' or family's big days.

Happy B'Day lets you sync birthdays from your contacts or you can add them manually. You'll receive notifications whenever a birthday pops up, and you can set the time of day you're notified, so you can try to be the first person to wish your pal a happy birthday.


Birthday-Calendar is another app that syncs with your contacts' birthdays, but it's more involved in that you get a full calendar, so you can get a visual reference for all the birthdays you have to remember throughout the year.

You'll be reminded via push notification every time a birthday comes around, so there's no need to constantly monitor the app. When it is b-day time, you can send a colorful greeting card or you can text a greeting straight from the app.

Birthday Cards for Friends & Family

This might just be the best app on this list, since you can connect it with Facebook, which is a birthday gold mine. Just connect and boom, friends' birthdays are automagically loaded and you'll receive notifications the day before each one and on the day, if you so desire.

There's also an included iMessage app, so you can send fun stickers and birthday greetings to all your iPhone-using friends.

Birthday Countdown !!

The UI for this one isn't the most intuitive, but it's a great countdown app that lets you build multiple countdowns so that you know exactly how long until your friend or family member's birthday. You can set the units, the background, the music, when you get notified, the countdown font, and more.

Just swipe left and right to scroll through each countdown and swipe up and down on each to choose a different background photo. You can use the stock photos or upload your own backgrounds.

If you love a good countdown, this is the app for you for sure.

123Greetings Ecards

Sync up your phone and Facebook with this app to get easy access to all the dates that matter, including birthdays and anniversaries, and then choose from a huge selection (30,000+) of free ecards to send birthday wishes and love.

You can send these ecards via text, Twitter, email, Facebook, and even WhatsApp, and they're not limited to birthdays — send greetings for Mother's Day, Christmas, Hanukkah, and more.

Hallmark eCards

Since this is Hallmark, you ain't getting much for free, but it's worth the subscription fee. The app is free to download, and you can browse all the ecards you want, but you can't send any until you subscribe.

You can search by topic and occasion, and you can schedule you ecards for the whole year so that you don't have to remember any birthdays by heart. A 1-month subscription is $4.99 or it's $17.99 for a year. These animated ecards are lovely and some of them are truly cute and hilarious.

How do you remember?

Do you use a birthday reminder app or do you do it the old-fashioned way? Let us know in the comments below!

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