Best calculator apps for iPhone

Yeah, there's a calculator baked right into the iPhone, and recent news has brought it to the forefront. While the iPhone's calculator can do more than your old solar-powered Casio calculator, it may not be able to do enough, depending on your job or studies.

Check out these awesome calculator apps and let your inner Will Hunting shine through. How do you like them apples?


PCalc's App Store tagline is "The Best Calculator" and that may just be true. It's one of the most full-featured calculator apps around, and thanks to its availability on iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch, and Mac, it's ubiquitous.

It's the perfect calculator app for scientists and engineers, featuring buttons and options for advanced functions, like an optional RPN mode and multi-line display. You can choose your button layout, keep track of calculations with its paper tape feature, undo and redo as you please, and much more. If you perform even the most complex calculations, including hexadecimal, octal, and binary, then PCalc is the way to go.

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MyScript Handwriting Calculator

MyScript is perfect for folks who need results fast. It turns handwriting into digital text, so if you're doing long division or trying to find the square root of something, you can just write it out with your finger and see digital results.

You can perform tons of mathematical functions, using trigonometry, basic math, percentages, inverse trig, and more.

Free Graphing Calculator

No sense spending money on the TI-83 anymore (sorry, Texas Instruments) because the Free Graphing Calculator is free (or your can spend a dollar and get rid of ads)! Free Graphing Calculator features a scientific calculator so you can get on all your scientific functions, like square root, cube root, natural log, log base 10, permutations, and more. Then there are its graphing capabilities, which allow you to graph up to four equations at once.

You have full control of your graphs, with the ability to drag 'em around, as well as pinch zoom capabilities. If you're looking for a robust graphing calculator app, then look no further. Free Graphic Calculator has you covered — free of charge!

CALC Smart

CALC Smart is a good-looking app that lets you keep your calculation organized by separating them based on the date. You'll get real-time results while you type, even if you have open parentheses, and you can swipe to calculate conversions quickly.

You can share expressions with a link, and you can even quickly calculate tips with approximations and see live currencies in order to convert. You can also customize themes and layouts to make things work for you.


If complex calculators turn your brain to pudding, then you need a calculator app that's pretty and easy to read. Tydlig is just that and may be one of the prettiest calculator apps around (though it's not necessarily a beauty pageant… clearly). Tydlig is the perfect everyday calculator; it helps you calculate tips, discounts, and you can see and edit your calculation history, which is stored in an infinite scrolling canvas.

You can tweak just about everything you need to, and Tydlig even has graphing capabilities, letting you link your calculations to a real-time graph that updates with any change to the expression. It's pretty damn cool. You can then share your entire history and print it or export as PDF and more.


Calcbot is decent calculator app and a better conversion app. It lets you convert units quickly and on the fly, with an eay-to-read history tape that lets you send old calculations to your current one. The handy Apple Watch app even lets you split bills right on your watch.


Giving Tydlig a run for its money in the beautiful calculator department is Numerical2 , a multicolor calculator that's all about speed. There is no equals button; you just type and get your answers as you go. Numerical2 features a full scientific keypad, a fraction key for quick fractional math, and the ability to use pi and e to infinite places for accurate answers to any equations.

You can drag the keypad down to see your history while you work and Numerical2 fully supports iPad multitasking.

Run the numbers

Do you have a favorite calculator app? Sound off in the comments below!

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