Best car rental apps for iPhone: Book your next rental the easy way!

Renting a car is often a bigger headache than it needs to be, both in terms of process and price. Luckily, there are lots of great new car rental services popping up that offer a better experience and lower rates. They also have apps that help you complete the entire booking process right from your iPhone, no matter what size vehicle you need, or when you need it. So, what are the best iPhone apps to help you rent the best car?


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Best car rental apps for iPhone: Zipcar

Zipcar is membership based, and is available in many cities across the US. Once you have a Zipcard in your hand, you can use the app to book whatever kind of car you need for any occasion. The fee to be a Zipcar member is low at only $6 a month and fare rates vary starting at around $8-10 per hour. Zipcar pickups and dropoffs can be found near many large cities. They're pretty much do-it-yourself, which means you can come and go as you please, without the annoying paperwork and drop off times most traditional car rental companies put you through.

If you need to rent cars on a rather regular basis but find your vehicle needs changing often, and it's available in your area, Zipcar is one of the best options.


Best car rental apps for iPhone: car2go

car2go allows you to pick cars based on your current needs. Rates are currently billed at $.41 per minute. If you prefer hourly, those are currently $15. Daily are around $85. Weekend escape rates are even better at $50 per day with 300 miles included. However, fuel, insurance, and other incidentals are included in the rate so you don't have to worry about them. Also, if you fill up the tank with the prepaid gas card in the car, you'll even receive free minutes.

For flat rates, no deposits, and no mandatory monthly fees, see if car2go is available in your area.


Best car rental apps for iPhone: Getaround

Getaround lets everyday people, just like us, rent our cars when we don't need them. Think Airbnb but for cars. There's no signup fee or subscription fees in order to use Getaround, which makes it a more viable option for people that don't rent cars on an ongoing basis. Since fares are set by owners, you may also find that Getaround offers much more value than traditional car rental services.

For a wider range in car type and price, paired with no signup or monthly fees, check out Getaround.


Best car rental apps for iPhone: RelayRides

RelayRides is currently available in over 1,5000 cities and at 250 airports throughout the United States. It works in the same manner as Getaround and anyone list their own care. That means better fares and more of a selection. I've even found car dealerships locally that use RelayRides, which means it isn't limited to just large cities or airports. Every rental also comes with insurance and 24/7 roadside support.

Even if you live outside of a big city, you may be surprised to find RelayRides still available in your area.


Best car rental apps for iPhone: Silvercar

Silvercar lets you rent one kind of car and one kind of car only — a silver Audi A4. It operates out of 9 different locations, mainly airports, and caters to large travel destinations. However, Silvercar does offer extremely competitive rates for what you're getting. Just book your A4 right through the app and it'll be ready to go when you get there.

If you're traveling for business and Silvercar is supported at your destination, you'll ride in style for a decent price.


Best car rental apps for iPhone: CarRentals

CarRentals by Hotwire is one of the only car rental apps available that serves not only the United States, but many countries throughout the world. You can easily browse over 15,000 listings from all the most popular car rental services available. Once you've found what you want, you can lock in your reservation right inside the app so you only have to worry about picking up your car when you get to your destination.

For international car rentals, along with the largest database available, check out CarRentals by Hotwire.

Your pick for best car rental app for iPhone?

If you use your iPhone while traveling in order to rent cars when you need them, what apps do you find to be the most helpful? And more importantly, if you've used any of the above services that I've mentioned, be sure to let me know in the comments what your experience was!

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