Best Cases for the 10.5-inch iPad Pro 2022

iPad Pro and iPhone 7
iPad Pro and iPhone 7 (Image credit: Rene Ritchie/iMore)

The 10.5-inch iPad Pro, released in 2017, has a slate of impressive features. This second-generation iPad Pro has different dimensions than other models, including its predecessor, the first-generation 9.7-inch iPad, and the newer 11-inch models. Here are some of the best cases for the 10.5-inch iPad Pro you can buy. Many of these cases also fit other iPad models, as mentioned below.

Take the worry away with best cases for the 10.5-inch iPad Pro

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Buying a case for your 10.5-inch iPad Pro is essential to protect your tablet for years of enjoyment. A sturdy case is the best way to keep your 10.5-inch iPad Pro scratch-free and safe in case of drops. For a lightweight solution, go with our favorite, the Apple Smart Cover. Its elegant design is beautiful and functional and doesn't detract from the iPad's clean lines.

For heavy-duty protection, there's none better than the Supcase Unicorn Beetle Pro. For carrying around more than just your iPad, the Khomo Padfolio is the best option. Also, see our list of the best cases for the 2019 iPad Air. Most of these cases will also fit your 10.5-inch iPad Pro model. If you're looking specifically for a sleeve, we've got you covered there too with the best sleeves for iPad Pro.

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