Best check splitting and tip apps for iPhone: Plates, Gratuity, Tab, and more!

Updated May 2017: We've added Divvy to our list!

Looking for the best iPhone apps to help you easily split a restaurant bill among multiple people? There are lots of apps available in the App Store that can help you not only split checks, but make sure you're leaving an appropriate tip. Some apps even extend to bars, deliveries, taxi fares, and other tabs as well.

So, which tip calculator and check splitting app for iPhone is the best pick for you?


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Divvy makes splitting the dinner bill easier than ever by using your camera!

Take a picture of your receipt, and Divvy will automatically figure out the total and taxes applied to the bill. From there, you can drag the menu items over to different people and Divvy will add up the total of each person at the table. Plus, if you ordered an appetizer for the whole table, Divvy can also split specific items evenly among everyone at the table, making it perfect for large groups of people!


Best check splitting and tip apps for iPhone: Gratuity

Gratuity is an extremely simple to use bill and tip calculator that lets you calculate check totals and tips for restaurants, bars, food delivery, taxis, salons, and casino dealers. Tell Gratuity the check total, the type, and what kind of service you received and Gratuity will handle the rest. If you don't like the default rates that gratuity uses for a specific service, you can change them in the app's settings.

For an easy to use check and tip calculator that extends to multiple types of services, you want Gratuity.


Best check splitting and tip apps for iPhone: Plates

Plates by Splitwise helps you split a check between up to 10 people several different ways. Did your table get an appetizer to share? Plates can split the cost of just certain items or of the entire bill. If you want an even split, you can get that in just a few taps. Alternately you can add individual bill items and drag and drop them to each party member. Anything left over you can automatically split evenly, making splitting the cost a lot less complicated.

If splitting complicated restaurant checks quickly and efficiently is your only concern, Plates is the best available option.


Best check splitting and tip apps for iPhone: Tab

Tab lets you take a photo of any restaurant receipt and it can automatically import all items and totals for you. Then add the guests in your party and assign items to them from the check. After that, just add any applicable discounts or taxes and choose a tip percentage. Tab then gives you a total for each person. The only thing I wish Tab could do was split things like appetizers. At this time, you'll have to have someone claim them.

For the least amount of manual input possible, Tab is worth a try.

Split My Tab

Best check splitting and tip apps for iPhone: Split My Tab

Split My Tab lets you easily split bills based on many scenarios. If it's just you, Split My Tab functions as an easy to use tip calculator. For more than one, you can evenly split the bill or divvy items up. My favorite feature of Split My Tab is the ability to add groups. This is great for folks who frequently dine out with the same people. Just choose their group and start adding items. You can even mail each member of the group a copy of the split in just a tap.

If you dine out with the same people frequently, Split My Tab's group feature makes it the most convenient tip and check calculator.

Tip Calculator Pro +

Best check splitting and tip apps for iPhone: Tip Calculator Pro +

Tip Calculator Pro + can make divvying up a check as easy or as complicated as you'd like. With support for the US dollar, Euro, Pound, and Krona, Tip Calculator Pro + is a great option for frequent travelers. It also supports check splitting for up to 100 people. Enter the check amount, how many people, choose the level of service, and let Tip Calculator Pro + take care of the rest.

If you need multiple currency support or the ability to split extremely large checks, you can't go wrong with Tip Calculator Pro+.

Your favorite bill splitting and tip apps for iPhone?

If dining out with friends and family is a regular affair for you, do you use any check splitting apps that make it easier to divide up who owes what? Be sure to let me know what your favorites are in the comments!

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