Best cooking apps for the Super Bowl

It's Super Bowl time, folks! It's time once again for professional football's biggest event, with Super Bowl LII featuring a matchup between the New England Patriots and the Philadelphia Eagles. But the real question of the game is this: what are you going to eat at your Super Bowl party?

Sure, you could settle for pizza or wings, but you could try to go for something different this year, and actually cook something for your Super Bowl party. But what should you make? Well, the apps I've collected here will help you find just the right recipes for the big game.

Fit Men Cook

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This app offers simple, fulfilling recipes that will also give your guests a healthy Super Bowl meal option. Fit Men Cook makes shopping for ingredients easier by organizing your virtual cart by store aisle. And for those of you that really like to keep track of what you eat, Fit Men Cook shares its data with your iPhone's built-in Health app.


If you'll firing up the grill this Super Bowl Sunday, you'll want to take a look at GrillTime. The app is explicitly made for grilling all kinds of meat and vegetables. You choose what you're cooking, its size, which part of the animal it's from, and how you'd like it cooked, and GrillTime will tell you how much time that needs, setting a timer as well. The app even offers grilling instructions for your desired outcome, so whether you like your steaks well done, medium, or rare, it's easy to get the result you're looking for.

Weber Grills

Get access to more than 250 original recipes for everything that can go on your grill. From meat to vegetables, Weber has put together a great collection of dishes that offers something for everyone for all of the carnivores and vegetarians in your life. The recipes in Weber Grills each feature beautiful photos and complete grocery lists, and the app also offers the ability to set multiple timers to make it your one-stop grilling app.

(Not)Recipes by Food52

Sometimes, your favorite recipes won't come from carefully-crafted cookbooks, but from someone like you: a home cook who likes to play around in the kitchen. That's what makes (Not)Recipes great: it's a social cooking app that lets you find recipes shared by a passionate community of cooks, and share your own in return. Don't have time to shop specifically for the big game? The app offers suggestions for the items already in your pantry.


BigOven offers more than 350,000 different recipes, making it your perfect game day cooking companion. Not only can you use all of those recipes, but BigOven helps compile a grocery list, and can even help you plan a week's worth of meals ahead of time, which you can share with other accounts. When the Super Bowl is all said and done and your guests have gone home, BigOven will also tell you what you can make out of the leftovers.

What if it all goes wrong?

GrubHub screenshots (Image credit: iMore)

Look, things happen. Even the best-laid culinary plans go awry, and if they do, you'll be facing a group of starving football fans with nothing to offer them. If that happens, might I suggest you order takeout? With apps like Postmates, Grubhub, and DoorDash, you can order takeout from your favorite restaurants, even if they don't normally offer it.

Your favorite apps

Do you have any favorite cooking apps that you like to use for the big game? Let us know in the comments.

Updated February 2018: These are still the most scum-diddly-umptious cooking apps to help you knock the Super Bowl food outta the park (stadium) this year!

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