Best event and party planning apps for iPhone: Stay organized and keep your guests informed!

Looking for the best iPhone apps to help you make sure the next party or event you have to plan goes off without a hitch? Whether you're throwing a surprise birthday party, organizing a conference, or planning a launch party, your iPhone can make your life a lot easier. From finding the perfect venue to collecting money for tickets, there are several apps that can help you cover all bases of event planning. These are the best event planning events for iPhone we don't think you should go without!


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Best event and party planning apps for iPhone: Eventbrite

Eventbrite is a great service that not only lets you find events going on around you, but lets you host and organize your own. From there you can collect money for ticket sales and more. The Eventbrite app for iPhone is a companion to the full service on the web but with it you can use the camera in your iPhone to validate ticket codes, view attendees and live sales, and more. It's also a great way to keep guests informed on any changes to the event that may happen.

If you need to sell tickets for your event, look no further than Eventbrite.


Best event and party planning apps for iPhone: Eventzulu

eventzulu is an event planning organizer that lets you manage all the parties you're planning in one place. Just add all your events and then start adding guests, tasks, and more. eventzulu can also give you ideas on invitations, games, and more if you need them. You can even insert photos to your ideas lists so you can easily recall them later.

For an event planner that covers all your dates in one place, check out eventzulu.

Venue Finder

Best event and party planning apps for iPhone: Venue Finder

Venue Finder lets you search for spaces to host events in just a few taps. While it doesn't cover every area, it does have a list of over 15,000 venus across the globe. Most of them are located in the UK so if that's where you are, Venue Finder is a must-have. There are over 100 locations in the US and thousands more dotted across the globe. Venue Finder offers special deals at some venues as well so be sure to check before booking a place to make sure you aren't missing out on something.

From parties to corporate events, Venue Finder can help you find the perfect spot.

Speakeasy Cocktails

Best event and party planning apps for iPhone: Speakeasy Cocktails

A party or an event is never complete without drinks and Speakeasy is your guide to some of the best cocktails and mixed drinks on the planet. Put together by some of the world's top mixologists, Speakeasy can help you decide exactly what you, or your bartender, should serve at your event, which makes it ideal for smaller gatherings.

If you're responsible for an alcoholic drink menu, Speakeasy is your go-to resource.


Best event and party planning apps for iPhone: Food52

Food52 is your complete guide to throwing a successful party, and even focuses on special events such as holidays. Aimed at both small and medium to large parties, Food52 not only gives awesome recipe ideas, but is full of tips and tricks for party throwers. In the party planning section of Food52 you'll find lots of useful tips from great places to get invitations made to what you should do the night before an event. From planning to executing, Food52 can walk you through every step of your event.

For smaller gatherings and holiday celebrations, there's no better resource than Food52.

Your picks for best event and party planning apps?

If you plan events or throw parties regularly, what apps do you use to make sure everything goes over smoothly? Have any of the apps above made their way onto your iPhone? Why or why not? Be sure to let me know in the comments!

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