Best expense tracking apps for iPhone: Concur, Expensify, Mileage Log+, and more!

Whether you're on the road, working from home, or in the office — these are the very best expense tracking and reporting apps for iPhone!

Looking for the best iPhone apps to help you keep track of expenses? Just like budgeting apps it's not one-size-fits-all when it comes to finance app. Luckily you've come to the right place! Whether you just need to track your gas mileage for reimbursement or need a way to create and send detailed expense reports, we've got the App Store apps you need to track your expenses and get your reports where they need to be. So which expense tracking apps are the absolute best?


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Best expense tracking and reporting apps for iPhone: Concur

Concur is an expense tracking app for small and medium size businesses that lets you build detailed expense reports in just a few taps. You can track travel, approve travel for other employees, and even see the status on all your expense reports in one place. Concur can also link up with all your credit cards and automatically import all charges. The ability to book hotels and flights inside Concur is also wildly convenient for professionals who are constantly on the move.

If you or your employees are constantly on the move, Concur handles travel expenses with ease.

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Best expense tracking and reporting apps for iPhone: Expensify

Expensify lets you track any kind of expense as well as billable time and mileage. The main menu lets you choose what you need to track. Just input all the information, snap a photo of any applicable receipts and you're done. When it comes time to invoice someone or submit an expense report, just add all the relevant items to a new expense report and send it on its way. The nice thing about Expensify is that you can have as many different expense reports as you need simultaneously which makes it a great option for anyone with multiple clients.

If you're a freelancer or contractor looking for a more efficient way to track expenses and billable time for client reimbursement, you need Expensify.

Mileage Log+

Best expense tracking and reporting apps for iPhone: Mileage Log+

Mileage Log+ is by the same makers of Launch Center Pro and focuses strictly on tracking gas mileage. Set up custom categories for your specific needs and start tracking. Mileage Log+ also includes IRS rates for reimbursement. If you travel to the same places for work often, Mileage Log+ can store those under frequent trips so you can add them in just a tap. Sync your data with Dropbox and export it to PDF or CSV. When you're ready to submit a report, just hit the share button and choose your format and it's on its way.

If you're only concerned with mileage reimbursement, Mileage Log+ is what you want.


Best expense tracking and reporting apps for iPhone: Shoeboxed

Shoeboxed is an expense tracking app for iPhone that lets you photograph your receipts and file them accordingly. Either label them for reimbursement or as deductible. Shoeboxed then sorts and organizes them by type and who they need to be sent to for reimbursement. If you're a premium subscriber to Shoeboxed you can also receive prepaid envelopes delivered to your door that you can stuff your receipts into. Shoeboxed then files them for you and takes care of the rest.

If you have lots of receipts to keep track of and can't risk losing any of them, you need Shoeboxed.


Best expense tracking and reporting apps for iPhone: Dollarbird

Dollarbird isn't a dedicated expense tracker app and doesn't generate expense reports. Instead it focuses on helping you figure out where your money is going so you can quickly cut down on expenses. The thing I love about Dollarbird is the itemized expense view that lets you see exactly what percent of your income is going to what expenses. This makes it easy to pinpoint problem categories and quickly remedy any issues. While Dollarbird could pass as a budget app, it works much better at determining problem expenses in my experience.

If you don't need to generate expense reports but really need to get a handle on cutting down on personal expenses, Dollarbird is for you.

Your favorite expense tracking apps for iPhone?

If you have to track receipts and create expense reports of some kind on a regular basis, do you use any apps on your iPhone to generate and send them? If so, let me know what your favorites are in the comments and why you picked them!

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