Best fishing companion apps for iPhone: Knot Guide, My Fishing Forecast, FishTales, and more!

The best fishing apps for iPhone to help you identify different species, know what lures to use, and snag your biggest catch ever!

Whether you want to become an expert angler or learn how to better identify different types of fish, loading up a few fishing apps on your iPhone can be the difference between you telling all your friends about the catch of the day... or the one that got away. No matter what you're fishing for, understanding fish behavior is key. From tying a good knot to knowing what lure to use, these are a ton of great apps on the App Store to help you out. But which ones are the very best?

My Fishing Forecast

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Best fishing companion apps for iPhone: My Fishing Forecast

My Fishing Forecast is an easy to use app that lets you know ideal times to fish in certain areas. Just use your current location or type in the location you plan on fishing at. You can then view the forecast over the next few days as well as see a graph depicting the best times of day to head out.

If you want to make sure you're heading out to fish at just the right times, My Fishing Forecast is a must.

Fish Rules

Best fishing companion apps for iPhone: Fish Rules

Fish Rules is an extraordinary little app that gives you regulations and rules based on the species of fish you catch. This includes size limits, bag limits, and more. For those just starting off with fishing, be aware that local DNR branches are typically pretty strict with regulations. Fish Rules currently covers areas in Texas, the Carolinas, and Florida.

If you live in an area that Fish Rules supports, it's a must have for anyone that wants to make sure they're abiding by local law.

Knot Guide

Best fishing companion apps for iPhone: Knot Guide

Tying knots is a vital part of learning how to fish. From hooking on lures to making sure your actual hook is tied on securely, Knot Guide can help you be sure you don't lose a fish due to a bad knot. The fishing knots section of Knot Guide currently contains over 20 knots you can use, all with awesome photos explaining each step. If you find ones you prefer over others you can favorite them for quick reference later.

If you have issues with lines coming untied or you just want to get better at securing them, Knot Guide is an invaluable tool.


Best fishing companion apps for iPhone: FishTales

FishTales is a diary and journal that allows you to log all your fishing catches as well as everything that's in your tackle box. I've found this useful for making sure I don't get my lures and gear mixed up with someone else's. From there you can rate your catches, photograph them, tag them at locations, and even pair them with what lures you used.

If you want a way to track all your fishing expeditions, FishTales is hands down the best app available.

Ultimate Angler

Best fishing companion apps for iPhone: Ultimate Angler

Ultimate Angler can tell you exactly where you need to position yourself and cast in order to catch certain types of fish. Just choose the fish you're looking for and then give Ultimate Angler details such as water and wind conditions as well as the time of day. Ultimate Angler then gives you information on that fish from what kind of lures work best to what kind of bait. More important, you get casting tips that tell you whether to stay close to shore in shallow water or go deeper.

If you want to know exactly where the fish are and what kind of bait you need to use to catch them, Ultimate Angler is what you want.

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