Best grocery shopping list apps

Grocery shopping—it's a tedious task, but one that's necessary if we don't want to starve at home. I mean, honestly, who wants that? But we know, grocery shopping isn't the most fun thing to do, and when you have to shop for a family, there's a lot of stuff to remember to purchase when you're at the store.

Fortunately, we have iPhones and apps that help simplify grocery shopping by making it possible to easily manage a large shopping list. While there are many options available out there, we've rounded up some of the best grocery shopping list apps right here for you, so let's get started!


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One of the best options out there for grocery lists is AnyList, and there's plenty of good reasons for that.

With AnyList, you're able to create multiple lists, for groceries and other shopping needs. There's support for subcategories and even recipes, so everything in your list can be super organized. AnyList also has great sharing support, so it's super easy to send and share your grocery list with others in the family, such as your significant other.

AnyList is free to download and use for basic features. There is also an AnyList Complete subscription that you can get via in-app purchase. It starts at $7.99 per year for an individual, or $11.99 a year for a family. It includes AnyList on Mac/PC, direct web import for recipes, meal planner, photos for list items and recipes, an Apple Watch app, and much more.

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Grocery - Smart Grocery List

If simplicity is your game, then Grocery - Smart Grocery List is the app for you.

Grocery features a super minimal interface that's lightning fast and easy to use. As you use it, Grocery learns how you shop in the store and sorts your items in your shopping order for next time. Just create a list for all of the stores you shop at, and it'll learn how to sort everything for each store as you check items off. There's autocomplete for item creation so you don't waste time.

There is also sharing options for Grocery, so you can send the list to your significant other or family, Siri and Reminders integration, and automatic backup through Reminders. It's fast, simple, and smart, just as a grocery list should be.

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Out of Milk

If you prefer to keep track of your pantry in addition to your grocery list, then Out of Milk is the app you need.

With Out of Milk, users can create multiple lists for whatever they need, and everything gets categorized for organization. Users may choose to manually enter items or even scan barcodes to add them in faster. Out of Milk even supports inventory of pantries, so you can keep track of what you have and when you're out of something, it's easy to move it to a list.

Lists get shared by email or text with Out of Milk, and a history of your lists makes it easy to recall something specific. Out of Milk also doubles as a to-do list, and gives you grand totals of items on your list so you have an estimate of how much everything will cost you.

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Buy Me A Pie

Another smart option is Buy Me A Pie. It works on your iPhone, iPad, and pretty much any other device by using the website.

Users are free to create as many lists as needed in Buy Me A Pie, and the app uses Smart Grouping to organize items by color and aisle in the store. All items that you enter into Buy Me A Pie get added to the in-app dictionary, and it learns over time so items autocomplete from history, and the app also provides suggestions for you.

There are many more features included with Buy Me A Pie, including Siri integration, sharing and cloning of lists, data synchronization, Apple Watch support, and more.

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Our Groceries Shopping List

Our Groceries Shopping List is another simple solution that won't give you additional headaches.

With Our Groceries, you'll find a simple interface that's fast and straightforward to use with no frills. Create as many lists as you need for different stores, and organize items by category. You can even add photos to items if it helps you out, and lists can be shared with your family.

The autofill feature makes it fast to add items, and the suggestions may jog your memory for something you may have otherwise forgotten. There is a way to add a recipe to the app and then create a list for that recipe if that's how you prefer to shop.

Our Groceries is completely free to use, but there are ads. You can get rid of the ads via an in-app purchase.

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Favado Grocery Sales

Prefer to penny-pinch and get the best deals when doing your grocery shopping? Then Favado Grocery Sales is perfect.

Just by spending a few minutes on Favado every week, you'll find the lowest grocery prices around your area. It scours weekly ads for all deals and aggregates them to you in one place, so you don't have to go through a bunch of paper ads when you want deals. You can favorite stores for quicker access.

As you find deals that you want, just tap on the "Add" button to add them to your own list within the app. This way, you'll have all of your coupons in one place, and be able to keep track of them without a fuss!

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Time to shop!

There are a lot of ways to keep a grocery list, including the built-in Reminders app, but these are some of the best options available on the App Store. They're simple, fast, and come with robust sharing features and even help you save money!

What are some of your favorite apps for keeping track of your grocery shopping? Let us know in the comments!

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