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Best Heavy Duty Cases for 9.7-inch iPad in 2020

So you just picked up a brand new iPad, or maybe you've had one for a while and have dropped it one too many times for your comfort. Never fear! iMore is here with a list of the best heavy-duty cases to keep your 9.7-inch iPad safe and sound.

Making our Case

With all the different styles, color combinations, and all-around ruggedness, it can be tough to pick out the perfect heavy-duty case for your iPad. Personally, we love the look and feel of the Armera Rugged Lightweight Rugged Silicone case (opens in new tab); this one is extra protective against drops and falls.

The design of the Shellbox case (opens in new tab) is also on-point with a super slim profile, as well as highly-rated shockproof and waterproof features. And for extra screen protection, look into the DUNNO full-body case (opens in new tab), which comes with a handy screen cover. Gah! So many options!

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