Best HomeKit-compatible locks for renters iMore 2022

Envious of all of the smart home convenience that your homeowning friends and family enjoy? Then you need one of the best HomeKit locks for renters! These locks offer extra peace of mind through notifications and remote controls, plus they work with other HomeKit devices for renters — like light bulbs, in automation and scenes. Whether securing your front door or protecting packages, these are the best HomeKit locks for renters.

Level Lock

Hidden convenience: Level Bolt - The Invisible Smart Lock

Staff Pick

The Level Bolt is simply the best HomeKit lock around with an invisible design, responsive controls, and reliable connection. Level's lock installs inside of your door, hiding all of the smarts so you can keep your keys and your rental's external hardware intact. Smart controls include remote locking, activity notifications, and virtual passes that you can issue out to friends and family at any time.

August Wifi Smart Lock

Easy installation: August Wi-Fi - (4th Generation) Smart Lock

The latest generation August Wi-Fi Smart Lock installs in minutes with a clip-on design for the interior portion of your front door. As with the Level Bolt, August's lock doesn't require a new set of keys, so your landlord can still enter your home for emergencies or maintenance while you get the smart app convenience and notifications.

Friday Smart Lock Satin Nickel

Stylish security: Friday Home Smart Lock Complete - Keyless Entry for Everyday Convenience

Let's face it — most smart locks aren't the prettiest looking. The Friday Home Smart Lock eschews ugly, boxy designs, with a total of six different finishes, each featuring a sleek metallic latch design. Like August's lock, the Friday Home Smart Lock gives you smart capabilities and allows you to keep your existing keys and outside hardware.

Yale Assure Lever Touchscreen Key Free Lock

Interior security: Yale Assure Lever - Wi-Fi Smart Lever

The next best thing to securing your front door is putting a lock on your interior rooms. With locks like the Yale Assure Lever Lock, your landlord can enter your home without having access to your bedroom or other important room. A handy keypad and assignable codes also enable one-time access — a win-win for everyone.

Yale Smart Cabinet Lock

Cabinets, too: Yale Smart Cabinet Lock with Bluetooth

As the name suggests, the Yale Smart Cabinet Lock installs inside kitchen cabinets, medicine cabinets, and more, keeping everything out of sight. Remote operation and HomeKit allow you to lock everything down if your landlord needs to enter your home while you are out and about, and notifications can alert you to potential snooping.

Yale Smart Delivery Box in Gray

Package protector: Yale Smart Delivery Box - Wi-Fi Package Box

This smart delivery box from Yale keeps your precious packages safe and secure with the power of HomeKit. Yale's box can notify you the instant that your delivery arrives, and with remote locking capabilities, you can secure it from anywhere in the world. Sharing allows friends and family to pick up your packages with just a few taps.

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Secure your home with the best HomeKit locks for renters

Just because you rent doesn't mean you have to sit out on the smart home fun. The best HomeKit locks for renters allow you to secure your home from the Home app or via Siri, and activity alerts will let you know the moment someone unlocks your doors. It isn't all about the front door either, with many accessories available that can secure your cabinets and even packages.

If you want the ultimate in smart rental home security and convenience, the Level Bolt is the way to go. Level's lock is entirely invisible, hiding all of the smarts inside your door, and uses your existing keys and hardware. With the Level Bolt, nobody will know that your home's front door is smart.

Are you looking for a smart solution that doesn't require taking apart your entire door lock? Then the August Wi-Fi Smart Lock may be the one for you. This lock features an easy-to-install surface-mount design that replaces the interior portion of your existing lock. In just a few minutes, you can be on your way to smart security, all while still using your existing keys and hardware.

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