Best HomeKit door locks for the Home app in 2023

One of the best HomeKit door locks can add an extra layer of security to your home and your belongings, as well as make things a little more convenient. You can unlock your door from your phone, for example, or let people in with Siri. They can work alongside other automation equipment too, and scenes created in the Home App so that lights and the heating can turn on when you unlock the front door.

There are loads of options out there, but we've narrowed it down to the very best out there. Some have keys too so there's an extra layer of security should you worry that the internet go out and leave you stranded. These are the best HomeKit Door Locks out there.

No keys? No problem for these HomeKit door locks

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Say farewell to keys with the best HomeKit door locks

You can wave those keys goodbye with the best HomeKit door lock. All of these work with the Apple Home App on your iPhone or iPad, and you can even use your Apple Watch to open your front door with some of them. They're super easy to install, too, and you'll be ready to open your front door with Siri in minutes. All can be controlled in the same way you control the best HomeKit lightswitches, from the Home App or through Siri.

Our favorite door lock is the Level Lock+. We love its clean, unassuming design, and support for the latest HomeKit feature, Home Key. Home Key puts the keys to your home in the Wallet App for your iPhone and Apple Watch, so you'll always have a way you open the door. Wanna know what's even cooler? The feature also works when your iPhone's battery is depleted thanks to battery reserve mode.

Want to go completely keyless and phoneless? Then go for the Schlage Encode Plus. You can get it in two distinct designs and finishes, and it sports an on-device touch-based keypad to go with Home Key support. The keypad lets you leave home without your keys or your iPhone, and you can share temporary codes with friends and family who might be visiting.

What doorlocks work with HomeKit?

The ones in the list here are all HomeKit compatible, so that's a really good starting point. After that, things get a little murkier. Not all smart locks are made equal, and some don't support the HomeKit standard. Make sure you're looking for the standard on the product page of the lock you're looking at.

How do smart doorlocks work?

In the case of HomeKit, they connect to your home network, and work with the Home App on your iPhone or iPad. From there, you can unlock the door remotely, program scenes so that the door locks if other parameters are completed, amongst other things. In case that the lock doesn't work, there are always conitgencies like physical keys or keypads.

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