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Best HomeKit door locks 2022

The best HomeKit door locks add an extra layer of security and provide smart home conveniences for your home. HomeKit-enabled locks give you the power to unlock your doors with just a tap and allow for quick check-ins with Siri voice controls. Plus, they work with other accessories through automation and scenes created in the Home app. Here are all the best HomeKit door locks around to help you decide the best for your needs.

No keys? No problem for these HomeKit door locks

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Say farewell to keys with the best HomeKit door locks

Saying goodbye to those clunky keys is easier than you think with the best HomeKit door locks. With just a few tools and a smart lock, you'll be ready to open your door with just a tap or Siri in minutes. HomeKit can also send status updates via notifications, and you can even lock and unlock your doors automatically alongside toggling your HomeKit light switches.

We love the Level Bolt for its completely invisible design, leaving your door looking like it always has, just with new convenient controls. Level's lock also allows you to keep your existing keys, and since everything hides inside the door, it's an excellent choice for renters. HomeKit support is the icing on the cake, as it pairs directly to HomeKit via Bluetooth with a few simple steps.

If you're looking for a way to live a keyless and phone-free lifestyle, check out the SCHLAGE Sense Smart Deadbolt. The Sense lock sports an incredibly slick and modern design but also includes a handy on-device keypad. The keypad allows you to leave home without your phone — and, more importantly, your keys.

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