Best HomeKit Sprinkler Controllers iMore 2020

Whether you have an in-ground sprinkler system or rely on a hose, the best HomeKit sprinkler controllers can add a little smart home magic to the great outdoors. Once set up, you can make it rain anytime, anywhere, thanks to HomeKit automations, scenes, Siri and the Home app. Check out our guide to the best HomeKit sprinkler controllers to determine which is the best for your needs.

Super spigot: Eve Aqua

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The Eve Aqua is the only HomeKit compatible irrigation solution that connects directly to a standard hose spigot. This allows the Aqua to work with standard above-ground sprinklers and irrigation systems, making it highly flexible. The Aqua is also incredibly easy to install with no wiring needed, so you can begin watering in no time.

$100 at Apple

Highly compatible: Rachio 3 (8 zone)

Rachio's 3rd generation irrigation controller takes the place of traditional in-ground sprinkler systems. Once set up, the Rachio 3 can work with all of the major smart home platforms, including HomeKit. This controller also uses weather data to determine the optimum watering times, saving you money in the long run.

Sweet 16: Rachio 3 (16 zone)

Rachio's 16 zone unit has all of the same capabilities as its smaller sibling, but it provides an additional 8 zones of watering. This makes it perfect for large lawns or business use, and it promises to save 30-50% on your watering bills thanks to its smart scheduling features. The Rachio 3 prevents your system from running on rainy days, but it also uses wind speeds and directions to figure the perfect time for your lawn.

Local connection: Rainmachine Pro 8

The Rainmachine Pro 8 features a sleek design, complete with an onboard LCD panel. This allows you to easily understand operation on the controller instead of using knobs and switches like older controllers. Rainmachine's controller also keeps your privacy in mind, by storing all of your schedules and data locally and not on a server in the cloud.

Wider coverage: Rainmachine Pro 16

Rainmachine's controller for larger lawns, the Pro 16, is an easy-to-install solution that takes as little as 15 minutes to get up and running. This controller shares all of the same features as the Pro 8, such as free weather data and smart scheduling capabilities. The Pro 16 is also EPA Water Sense Certified for its efficiency and performance, saving up to 80% on your monthly watering costs.

$189 at Amazon

Tap to water: Rainmachine Touch HD

The top-of-the-line RainMachine irrigation controller, the Touch HD, features a massive 6.5-inch touchscreen display. This color screen puts everything at your fingertips including weather forecasts, watering history, and of course, controls for all of your zones, which are just a tap away. The Touch HD comes in both 12 and 16-zone models, each of which support all of the same great smart scheduling features and HomeKit.

Make it rain

HomeKit sprinkler controllers are an awesome way to keep tabs on your lawn or garden. These controllers allow your sprinklers to work with automations and scenes, as well as Siri voice control, making them one of the best convenience devices you can buy. Our favorite is the Eve Aqua thanks to its ability to work with the typical hose spigot, making it a breeze to install. The Aqua connects to HomeKit directly using Bluetooth, making integration with Siri and the Home app a simple HomeKit code scan away.

Looking for a HomeKit controller that works with your existing in-ground sprinkler system? Then check out the Rachio 3 (8 zone). This small unit can cover small lawns and incorporates weather data to determine the best time for watering.

If you want to go the smart controller route but have some reservations about your data, then the Rainmachine Pro 8 is the best option for you. This unit utilizes weather data from various sources, but keeps all of your scheduling and watering data locally, meaning it never touches the cloud.

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