Best invoicing apps for iPhone: Ditch paper and get paid faster!

Looking for the best iPhone apps for managing your invoices? Whether you're a contractor or freelancer, one of the most important aspects of running a successful business is invoicing clients on time. Unfortunately, it's something that sometimes is easier said than done. It doesn't help that traditional invoice software can be cumbersome and difficult to use, and who wants to deal with that on a regular basis? Luckily the App Store is full of awesome apps that make the process a lot less painful. But which invoicing apps for iPhone deserve the title of best?

Invoice by Wave

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Invoice by Wave is a free to use invoice app that lets you send unlimited invoices to clients and track your business performance. Since Wave specializes in providing services for small business owners, many of Wave's other products and services tie right into Invoice by Wave such as accepting credit cards in many countries. If you only want to invoice, you can do it for free with no strings attached. As for interface and design, it doesn't really get much better than Invoice by Wave.

If you want an easy to use invoicing solution for your small business with no strings attached, give Invoice by Wave some serious consideration.


Hours may technically be a time tracking app but it also does a great job with invoicing. If you're self employed and live and die by tracking your time in order to translate it into billable hours, Hours is a unique and convenient way to do it. The time tracking portion of Hours works as a series of timers. You can then see a well laid out overview of your day and where you spent your time. You can then send professionally looking invoices to your clients right from the app.

If you're self employed and want an elegant time tracking and invoicing solution wrapped into one, look no further than hours.

Invoice2go and Invoice2go Plus

Invoice2go is a complete invoicing solution that ties in with many other apps such as Calendar2go, Maps2go, Receipts2go, and more. Like Zoho, setup is easy and there are lots of templates to choose from. You can add custom rates and taxes as well. One thing Invoice2go does that some invoice apps don't is parts and labor. If you need to separate them out for tax purposes, this is something Invoice2go does well. It's worth noting that Invoice2go has two versions, the regular version and the Plus version. If you don't need cloud sync and plan on being the only person using Invoice2go, go with the regular paid version. If you need cloud sync and access for multiple users, the free app with subscription service is the best option.

For a complete solution with an entire ecosystem of apps available to support it, you can't go wrong with Invoice2go.

  • Invoice2go (one user) - $9.99 - Download Now (opens in new tab)
  • Invoice2go Plus - Free with subscription - Download Now (opens in new tab)

Quickbooks Online

Best invoicing apps for iPhone: Quickbooks Online

Quickbooks Online is the companion app for the Quickbooks Online accounting service. You can invoice clients and customers, track expenses, and view most of the data contained in your Quickbooks account. While it isn't as full featured as the actual web version of QuickBooks Online, it still serves as an easy and intuitive way to invoice clients and customers right on the spot.

If you use QuickBooks Online to manage your business, the QuickBooks online app for iPhone is a must have.


Best invoicing apps for iPhone: Freshbooks

Freshbooks is a complete cloud accounting solution for billing and expenses. Not only can you cut invoices right from your iPhone, you can get paid online as well via PayPal integration. If you have expenses you need to categorize and track, Freshbooks lets you take photos of all your receipts and track them. If you need to organize clients and view how much time you spent on projects, you can use Freshbooks for that too. If you have less than three clients, Freshbooks is completely free.

If you're self employed and need an accounting solution that isn't too terribly complicated, Freshbooks is one of the best available.

Zoho Invoice and Time Tracker

Zoho is an invoicing and time tracking service that has a no fuss setup. Just enter a little bit of information about your business, tax rate, and client rates. Pick and invoice template and start invoicing. You can also use Zoho to track expenses and time for multiple projects at a time. One unique thing about Zoho is that it also allows you to take credit card payments, a huge plus for those that want an all-in-one solution. Zoho is free for up to 5 clients, after that you'll need a subscription.

If you don't want to go through a lengthy setup process or want to process credit cards, check out Zoho.

Your favorite invoicing apps?

If you regularly have to invoice customers or clients for products sold or services rendered, what invoicing apps for iPhone do you use regularly? Do you use any of the ones above regularly? Why or why not? Let me know in the comments!

Note: Originally published, April 2014. Updated, July 2014.

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  • Zoho is not free!!! It is only for first 5 clients, I just wasted an hour setting up and inputting clients
  • No subscription needed, totally intuitive and works offline, it took me several months but I finally found myself the perfect tool, it's 10 bucks with no hidden fees. Totally worth it if you ask me: A big PLUS is the it lets you import your contacts from the iphone/ipad address book. HUGE timesaver.
  • For contractors. Joist Pro is the best. And it's free.
  • Surprised "Billings Pro" wasn't mentioned. By far one of the slickest solutions around.
  • Seriously? For $100/yr PER USER, I know why it wasn't mentioned.
    To be fair, Invoice2Go is was too expensive also, which is why I'm dumping it.
  • Thanks Allyson for the great article. Really appreciate this because it is timely with starting a new business. I actually downloaded Quick Sale recently. They are not subscription based and seem to offer three levels of functionality. Still working on it so can't comment on it but they have great reviews. Still looking for a good inventory app that also allows POs to be cut that is not subscription based. Going to search the imore site now for recommendations. Thanks again.
  • I've been using Hours Keeper Pro for the last 6 months. Unlike most of those featured here, there's no IAP but a one time purchase price of $6. I find the app straight forward enough to use. Sent from the iMore App
  • In the future: how about linking to the developer's website instead of the “download” links so were not forced to deal with iTunes in our faces. Thanks.
  • I have used "Time Master" by On-Core now for about two years. It is tailored for any size of Company and you set it up for what's just right for your Company. They keep it up to date. I highly recommend this app for anyone. Check it out.
  • Check out Moon Invoice app for iOS and OSX Moon Invoice is unique and 1st invoice app with iCloud sync for iOS and Mac OSX for small businesses and individual
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  • Check out Moon Invoice app for iOS and OSX Moon Invoice is unique and 1st invoice app with iCloud sync for iOS and Mac OSX for small businesses and individual
    ● Main Modules: -
    Invoices, estimates, purchase orders, customers, venders, payment receipts and multiple companies support - 22 Professional PDF templates iOS App :
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  • Hi _ Please give a try to CloudBooks. Cloudbooks is a web-based app to create and track online invoices, estimates, time-sheets, and expenses. Add a "Pay Now" button to your invoices so your customers can pay you by credit card or PayPal immediately.
    You can try CloudBooks free for 30 days. Plans starts from $2 per month. Give it a Try! Thank you
  • Hi
    These are some nice apps. I prefer using Invoicera iOS app for invoicing, estimates projects and tasks. Manager
  • Wave is awesome. Checked into most of these. Don't need the acctg, but the invoicing is great. Works on Desktop and instantly updates mobile (and vice versa). I found a bug they are working on, but its def. useable. The invoice you mail out has an online pay option so cust can do it instead of giving you their CC info. Its really slick.
  • Great Read. Nice list of Invoicing Apps. Just want to add one more app. It's an Invoice Maker developed by Guru Technolabs.
  • This is a great article. ZipBooks ( would be a great addition to the list. It is invoice and time tracking software that is completely free.
  • Nicely Written. You have provided a good list of invoice apps for iphone users. I prefer Profit Pal ( the most for sending quick and instant invoice. If you are a small business owner I would suggest you to try this app atleat once. I bet you wont regret.
  • check out dux-facti app for iOS, bill your clients anytime, anywhere from your mobile or tablet. more information here :