Best jailbreak themes for iPhone: Ayecon, Flat7, Zanilla, and more!

Give your jailbroken iPhone a completely new look with these gorgeous themes for iOS 7!

Looking for the best themes to help you dress up iOS 7 on your jailbroken iPhone? Whether you like the flat look and what to expand on it or you simply want to bring the rich textures back, there's a theme for that! But which iOS 7 jailbreak themes are the very best?


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Best iOS 7 jailbreak themes for iPhone: Ayecon

Ayecon, pronounced icon, is a beautifully done theme that's available not only for iPhone, but iPad as well. It comes with over 100 custom icons as well as a mask to make all others mesh well. Ayecon focuses on adding depth back to iOS but does so in a way that creates a happy medium between the great parts of iOS 7 and those that could be improved on. There are also elements for the Messages app, status bar icons, and more.

If you don't mind iOS 7 but find yourself missing some of the depth previous iterations of iOS offered, you want Ayecon.

  • $2.99 - Cydia link


Best iOS 7 jailbreak themes for iPhone: Ayeris

Ayeris, pronounced iris, is a theme by the same creator as Ayecon. Ayeris focuses on the flat aspects of iOS 7 instead of bringing depth and texture back. It's meant more for those that quite like iOS 7 but think the icons could use some work. Ayeris comes complete with a new dock, tweaks throughout the entire system including Mail, Settings, and more, and most obvious, a completely new icon set.

If you like iOS 7 and want something that pays even more attention to detail, try out Ayeris.

  • $3.99 - Cydia link


Best iOS 7 jailbreak themes for iPhone: Zanilla

Zanilla is another flat theme for iOS 7 that doesn't change the aesthetic but aims to enhance it and make it better. Aside from adding a nice icon mask, Zanilla comes with several custom icons. The shadows and design are done quite nicely and add a more sophisticated look to iOS 7. Zanilla also extends to the Settings panel, includes a Lock screen slider, and has a PSD template for creating your own icons if you wish.

If you like iOS 7 but wouldn't mind a slight change to kick it up a notch, Zanilla gets the job done.


Best iOS 7 jailbreak themes for iPhone: Flat7

Flat7 is one of my personal favorites when it comes to theming in iOS 7. Not only does it feature flat icons that are squares with rounded edges — what iOS 7 comes with stock — Flat7 also offers a circular icon option that's not only different, but gorgeous. And if you really want to be different, you can choose a hexagonal mask that adds an all new flair to your iPhone.

For a more customized experience that still manages to stay clean and elegant, Flat7 is one of the best.

  • Free - Cydia link


Best iOS 7 jailbreak themes for iPhone: iRa

iRa is a minimalistic theme for iOS 7 that comes complete with over 100 customized icons. It's bold and more colorful than most stock icons that come with iOS. Since most of iOS 7 is already flat, many stock icons fit in nicely even if iRa doesn't have a new icon to go with it. The Messages app and status bar are also customizable via iRa. If you fire up the Settings app and head into wallpapers, you'll also notice several new wallpapers that go nicely with iRa as well.

If you like iOS 7 but desire it to be completely flat, check out iRa.

  • $2.00 - Download Now

UltraFlat for iOS 7

Best iOS 7 jailbreak themes for iPhone: UltraFlat for iOS 7

UltraFlat for iOS 7 is one of the flattest themes you could possibly ask for. I actually prefer some of UltraFlat's icon designs over Apple's own, especially the Reminders app icon. It's also one of the simplest consider you can just tap one setting in Winterboard and be done. Nothing else to fiddle with or customize, unless of course you want to on your own. Since UltraFlat for iOS 7 doesn't change any icon dimensions, icons that haven't been customized actually blend in quite nicely.

If you want as flat as flat can get, download UltraFlat for iOS 7 right now.

  • Free - Cydia link

Your favorite jailbreak themes for iPhone?

If you're jailbroken and running iOS 7 on your iPhone, have you picked up any themes you really like? If so, what is it that made you pick it over options? Be sure to let me know in the comments!

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