Best iPad 10.2-inch screen protectors iMore 2022

The 7th generation iPad has a 10.2-inch retina display, which is bigger than the last generation iPad, and if you want to keep the screen as pristine as possible, you're going to want one of the best iPad 10.2 screen protectors! Tempered glass screen protectors are the best way to prevent the screen on your new iPad from getting scratched or scuffed, which will ensure that the functionality and visibility will be the same as the day you bought it.

Amfilm Ipad Screen Protector

Protect with clarity: amFilm Screen Protector for New iPad

Staff Favorite

This screen protector comes in a 2-pack and is incredibly simple to install — if there are any bubbles, use the squeegee it comes with to press them out.

Super thin: IVSO for New iPad 8th/7th Generation Screen Protector

This 2-pack of protectors is one of the thinnest around, measuring only 0.26mm thick so that it won't affect the screen sensitivity.

$11 at Amazon

Anti-scratch: Zshion Screen Protector

Designed to withstand scratches, the Zshion screen protector will stay clear and scuff-free, so you're always able to see the screen.

$11 at Amazon

Fantastic Installation: IQShield Screen Protector

IQ Shield is known for having a fantastic installation process that ensures you won't have any dust or bubbles in the way. This alone makes it one of the best iPad 10.2 screen protectors.

$9 at Amazon
Omoton Ipad 7 Screen Protector

Best sensitivity: OMOTON Screen Protector

Made with Apple Pencil in mind, this screen protector promises the same sensitivity and touchscreen responsiveness, even with Apple Pencil. It also boasts a 9H hardness factor to protect against scratches and cracks.

$10 at Amazon

Don't crack your screen

A tempered glass screen protector is one of the best ways to protect the screen on your iPad. I have used the amFilm tempered glass screen protector on plenty of other devices, and they are fantastic. They fit snuggly, are super clear, and the installation is pretty easy.

If you don't like thickness and want the thinnest protector possible, the IVSO screen protector gives you two screen protectors that are as thin as possible! The 0.26mm thick screen protector will have great responsiveness and be easier to fit in cases. As a result — it will feel like there's not even a screen protector at all. Any of the best iPad 10.2 screen protectors on this list will serve you well.

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