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The Apple iPad and iPad Pro are quickly replacing computers for many users, and the same is true for musicians. Since iPads are smaller, more portable, and (usually) more affordable than their MacBook counterparts, they can be a lot more convenient to bring back and forth from home to studio or even to music gigs. For anyone putting together a music studio on an iPad, these are the best iPad accessories for musicians.

Ik Multimedia Irig Pro

The basics: IK Multimedia iRig Pro - Compact Instrument Inferface

Staff Pick

A good digital interface is key to playing and recording on electrical instruments, and the iRig Pro from IK Multimedia works like a dream with the iPad. It includes a Neutrik combo input, switchable phantom power, and MIDI input for connecting everything from studio mics to guitars, basses, and keyboards.

Ik Multimedia Irig Keys

Portable keys: IK Multimedia iRig Keys - Midi Controller

This mini keyboard, also from IK Multimedia, is just as small and portable as the iPad. It comes with an integrated audio interface and some mixing controls to add a range of sound effects to your music.

Beyerdynamic Dt 880 Pro Over Ear Studio Headphone

Don't forget the cans: beyerdynamic DT 880 Pro Over-Ear Studio Headphones

If you don't have a pair of professional studio headphones, then your music production can only go so far. Beyerdynamic's DT 880 model comes wired for detailed sound reproduction and oversized, soft earpads for more accurate noise cancellation. Keep in mind, you'll need an adapter or hub to plug these cans into the iPad.

$199 at Amazon
Shure Motiv Digital Stereo Condenser Microphone

Best mobile mic: Shure MOTIV MV88 Condenser Microphone

A condenser microphone may not sound like an iPad-friendly accessory, but this one from Shure certainly is. The compact mic plugs directly into any device with a lightning port. For iPads that have a USB-C port, you'd do better to check out the Apogee MiC Plus USB Microphone instead.

Reloop 236534 Controller

Best for mixing: Reloop 236534 Controller

Although it doesn't come cheap, if you need a full controller for mixing and production, the Reloop is a complete mixing solution that's fully compatible with iPad. In fact, it even has a docking mount made for it.

$800 at Amazon
Ik Multimedia Irig Pads Midi Groove Controller

Compact controller: IK Multimedia iRig Pads - MIDI Groove controller

For a simpler, more compact MIDI pad controller and groove production station, IK Multimedia's iRig Pads is a smaller controller that's easy to use with an iPad. In addition to 16 backlit rubber pads, it features two MIDI knobs, two pushbuttons, one slider, and a pushbutton rotary encoder.

Lacie 500gb Mobile Ssd Secure Usb C Drive

Save all the sounds: LaCie 500GB Mobile SSD Secure USB-C Drive

Working with music can result in some large file sizes. If your iPad isn't packing enough space, an external drive will likely be necessary. LaCie's small mobile drive comes with 500GB of extra space and a USB-C cable. For iPads with a lightning connector, you will need a lightning to USB-C adapter.

Hyperdrive Usb C Hub

Connect all the things: HyperDrive USB-C Hub

One drawback of working on the iPad is a lack of ports. You can solve this problem easily with a hub like this one from HyperDrive. This one has an audio jack, multiple USB ports, an ethernet port, and more.

Making music with iPad

You can make all your musical dreams come true with an iPad, but you'll probably need a few key accessories along the way. One of the most essential tools for instrumental musicians is a digital interface like the IK Multimedia iRig Pro. This compact device provides the instant connection you need between your instruments or equipment and the iPad.

And no matter what kind of musician you are, you'll need to listen to your own work as you make it. That's what studio headphones are for. We recommend the beyerdynamic DT 880 for accuracy, noise-cancellation, and comfort. Any musician can benefit from owning a few of the best iPad accessories for musicians when it comes time to make music on the iPad.

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