Best battery cases for iPhone 13 in 2024

If you're out of the house all day and away from an outlet, travel a lot, or you easily burn through your phone's battery life playing games, an iPhone 13 battery case could be an ideal pick-up for you. While the iPhone 13 boasts an impressive battery life of up to 19 hours, it can vary depending on what exactly you're doing with it. For those really battery-intensive days, a battery case is a convenient way to ensure you stay charged up. Here are the best iPhone 13 battery cases to keep that iPhone going for longer.

Always charged up

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In recent years, iPhone battery life has only improved and that's especially true for the latest iPhone 13 lineup. That being said, there are still situations where your phone may run out of juice before the day is up or you're out of reach of an outlet for an extended period of time. In those instances, we recommend having a handy battery case in your arsenal.

Thanks to its affordable price point and huge capacity, we're big fans of the MAXBEAR Battery Case for iPhone 13. Packing a 7,000mAh rechargeable battery, it can charge your iPhone 13 one and a half times over before it needs to be powered back up which should be more than enough for even the most taxing of days. Better yet, you don't need to fiddle around when removing it due to its built-in Lightning port.

Outside of battery cases, it's definitely worth considering the official Apple MagSafe Battery Pack. Since MagSafe came along, Apple has stopped making battery cases in favor of the more flexible battery pack that can be magnetically attached to your iPhone when needed and removed when you're done with it. Being Apple-made, you know it's a premium product, as we found in our testing, and it has some nice integration with iOS that helps to justify the hefty price tag.

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