Even old-timer iPhone 13 is outselling top Android phone Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra

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The iPhone 13 may not be the newest iPhone on the block, but it's still one of the best-selling smartphones on the market – only beaten out by the iPhone 14 models. 

The Apple handsets outsell the next best-selling smartphone, the Samsung Galaxy Ultra S23, by some margin, according to a Canalys study noted by Patently Apple.

For Apple, which has been struggling a little with the iPhone 14 line, this is likely good news and shows that other companies are struggling to shift units.

Samsung has more models available

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Looking at the report, the iPhone holds seven of the top 15 best selling phone positions for the first quarter of 2023. But most importantly, it's got the top four positions too, with the surprising position of the iPhone 13 handset still beating out newer Android rivals. The iPhone seems to be outselling almost everything else out there, and in the case of the iPhone 14 versions, it's not even close.

The big surprise here is that the most expensive iPhone does the best. The $1100 iPhone 14 Pro Max is the best-selling smartphone that costs over $500, beating out the other iPhones as well as Samsung's offering.

Interestingly, Samsung does come out on top in one aspect, and that's in the 'worldwide shipments.' That means they ship more phones than any other company on the list, and Patently Apple says Samsung "does this by selling smartphones at almost every price point in the market, making little profit in the process."

So the iPhone 14 is a success, if you were in any doubt. Apple will now be looking to the iPhone 15 and how that can continue the iPhone's dominant streak. We know a little about the next iPhone already, such as its new curvier chassis, the potential for new 3nm produced chips, and its new periscope camera. Until it arrives, however, none can say if it will be an instant success.

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    That’s pretty embarrassing for Samsung.

    Apparently s23 sales have fallen off a cliff a month after launch.