Monocarbon Forged Carbon Fiber MagSafe Case review: Multifaceted appeal

A whole suite of flashy swag for all your devices

Monocarbon Carbon Fiber Iphone Case
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Bottom line: Shiny forged carbon fiber and tough TPU combine for an iPhone case that looks it belongs in a race car but protects your handset like a bullet-proof vest.


  • +

    Slick, streamlined look and feel

  • +

    Lots of cool matching accessories

  • +

    Smooth buttons and grippy sides


  • -

    Back panel scratches easily

  • -

    Branding is a little loud

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Monocarbon Forged Carbon Fiber Magsafe Case And Wallet

Monocarbon Forged Carbon Fiber Magsafe Case And Wallet (Image credit: Jaclyn Kilani / iMore)

Monocarbon is a relatively new brand to hit the tech industry, so this is my first experience with its products. I started out with the Forged Carbon Fiber MagSafe Case for my iPhone along with a very cool Carbon Fiber Wallet to match, but this company also makes loads of matching accessories for Apple products. I've also got my eye on the Apple Watch band and AirPods case, but that's a purchase for another day.

The Monocarbon Forged Carbon Fiber Case features a slick design with a back panel made of real forged carbon fiber. This material has a unique look and feel that reflects light in a very interesting way, and each sheet of forged carbon fiber is entirely unique. The case frame is constructed of tough TPU that extends around the screen and camera for extra protection. But how does this translate into practical functionality? Let's start with the pros and cons.

Monocarbon Carbon Fiber Case: Price and availability

Monocarbon Forged Carbon Fiber Case

Monocarbon Forged Carbon Fiber Case (Image credit: Jaclyn Kilani / iMore)

Monocarbon products are available on the official Monocarbon website and Amazon. Availability on Amazon may vary, however, so the most reliable source is the official website. This forged carbon fiber case goes for $60, which is pretty standard for genuine forged carbon fiber. This high-quality material is not cheap to make, so it's not cheap to buy either. But when Monocarbon products go on sale, you can stay up to date by checking the iMore Deals section.

Monocarbon Carbon Fiber Case: Slick design and matching accessories

Monocarbon Forged Carbon Fiber Magsafe Case And Wallet

Monocarbon Forged Carbon Fiber Magsafe Case And Wallet (Image credit: Jaclyn Kilani / iMore)

Upon unboxing the Monocarbon Forged Carbon Fiber Case, the first thing I noticed was the slick, futuristic look and feel. Forged carbon fiber is different than standard carbon fiber in that it doesn't have a woven look. The fibers are instead distributed randomly over the back panel, creating a much more interesting pattern that is unique to every case. The fibers reflect the light as you move the case, giving it a cool three-dimensional effect. Because of the multifaceted look of the forged carbon fiber, the case has a modern, sophisticated look that's reminiscent of fast cars or even space craft.

In fact, the design of the case is streamlined all-around, with smooth buttons and a slim profile, especially for a case that's pretty dang protective. I've dropped my iPhone 12 Pro Max several times with this case on it (not on purpose, but because this is what I do), and so far the iPhone has not suffered any damage at all. The case does show a bit of wear and tear over time, which is something I'll touch on in the next section.

The case has a modern, sophisticated look that's reminiscent of fast cars or even space craft.

While there's really no way to completely prevent me from dropping things (I'm a notorious butterfingers), the grippy texture on the sides of the Monocarbon case do help. This, along with the raised edges around the screen and camera, help make the case more protective of the iPhone inside. The flat buttons on the sides do not provide the same clicky feel as some cases do — they do make for a very smooth, slick look overall.

My favorite thing about the Monocarbon brand, however, is the ton of cool matching accessories you can buy to go with the case. AirPods cases, Apple Watch bands, MagSafe wallets, and even MacBook covers come in the same carbon fiber material. If you're the kind of person who loves a cohesive look for all your devices and accessories, then Monocarbon is worth looking into. Right now I have their carbon fiber wallet clip, but I have a feeling the forged carbon fiber look will be coming to more of my accessories one day soon.

Monocarbon Carbon Fiber Case: Why so scratchy?

While I know that the forged fiber carbon material is a strong, sturdy backplate for my iPhone, the glossy resin coating does not seem to be as tough. On one hand, the TPU frame provides good protection for all the fragile bits of the iPhone, but on the other hand, the backplate of the case seems to become scratched easily. I have several scratches showing on the backplate after a couple months of use. Luckily, the multifaceted look of the carbon fiber makes the scratches hard to see, but they are there nonetheless.

I also don't love the largish logo on the back of the case. I enjoy a simple look and feel, and I find the logo a tad bit distracting. It's not ugly in gold print, but I would prefer for it not to be there. I understand that the brand likes to advertise its fine products, but maybe a more subtle or smaller logo would be ideal for a sophisticated design like this case.

Monocarbon Carbon Fiber Case: Competition

Simply Carbon Fiber Iphone 13 Pro Case

Simply Carbon Fiber Iphone 13 Pro Case (Image credit: Simply Carbon)

While there are several brands that offer traditional carbon fiber iPhone cases, the only other brand I've seen that makes authentic forged carbon fiber is Simply Carbon Fiber. Like Monocarbon, this brand makes carbon fiber accessories for iPhones and AirPods that are high-quality and well-designed. Unlike Monocarbon though, Simply Carbon Fiber does not make accessories for iPad or MacBook. Their products also run a little more expensive than Monocarbon.

Monocarbon Carbon Fiber Case: Should you buy it?

Monocarbon Carbon Fiber Magsafe Case For Iphone

Monocarbon Carbon Fiber Magsafe Case For Iphone (Image credit: Jaclyn Kilani / iMore)

You should buy this if ...

  • You love the look of forged carbon fiber.
  • You need slim, strong protection for iPhone.
  • You like matching accessories for all your devices.

You shouldn't buy this if...

  • You'll die at the sight of a scratch on the back panel.
  • You don't like visible branding.

For anyone who has the budget for a $60 case and likes the look of carbon fiber or forged carbon fiber, Monocarbon makes beautiful cases for all types of Apple devices. It's also great for people like me who love a matchy-matchy look for all their accessories. It might not be ideal for someone who is extremely rough on their devices, however, as the back panel can become scratched under rough treatment.

Whether you're into race cars, space ships, or tech, carbon fiber is a modern look that suits a variety of tastes. I love how the forged carbon fiber reflects the light, creating a three-dimensional aspect alongside the streamlined design of the case. The tough TPU shell keeps the iPhone safe, and if you like a nice matching accessory, Monocarbon makes one for every device you own. Overall it's a beautiful high-end case that appeals to anyone that enjoys a modern look and feel.

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