Best iPhone and iPad apps for high school students: iStudiez Pro, Khan Academy, Flashcards+, and more!

The best iPhone and iPad apps to help high school student be more productive both at home and in the classroom!

Whether back to school has already come and gone, is about to be here, or is still waiting to happen, for students, parents, and teachers alike it means stocking up on all the basics - clothes, supplies... and apps! Yes, we're living in the educational future now, and there are lots of apps available in the App Store for both iPhone and iPad that can help make any school year better. From helping manage to helping complete homework to better preparing for and passing tests, there really are high school apps for all that. And here are some of our favorites!

iStudiez Pro

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iStudiez Pro provides students with a great way to track homework assignments and due dates. Being organized is something high school students sometimes struggle with. Using iStudiez Pro can help boost productivity and ensure that things are getting turned in on time. With notifications for assignments and approaching due dates, staying on top of classes has never been easier.

If you are a student that has trouble remembering when assignments are due or you're a parent that wants to be able to check in easily with your child on what's due and when, make sure you pick up iStudiez Pro.

Khan Academy

Khan Academy contains a plethora of information, basic and advanced alike. You can drill down into individual categories from broad subjects to narrow ones. The way Khan Academy helps students is by breaking down different topics and showing videos on each that demonstrate different theories and topics.

If you want a supplemental learning tool to help you get through touch subjects, get Khan Academy.


Pages lets you write everything from essays to newsletters, and store and sync them on all your devices from iPhone to iPad to Mac. Pages also has a good amount of templates for outlines and reports that can help get you started with different types of assignments.

Everyone needs Pages. It's simply a must-have.

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Dropbox is a great tool to use for storing assignment, papers, and anything else school related you may need. With an app for almost every platform, you can access your files regardless of where you are or what computer you're on. No more forgetting assignments or losing track of papers that you need in order to complete something. Creating folders for each subject will keep you organized and make sure all your stuff is safe. With 2GB of free storage, most students will have the space they need for free to stay on top of things.

If you need a cloud storage service to keep track of all your school paperwork, Dropbox is a great choice.


Wolfram Alpha is a huge database of knowledge that can provide lots of reference information, math computations, and more. It contains information on literally every topic you could think of and makes for an invaluable resource especially at times when you need information quickly. It also ties into Siri on devices that support it making it as easy as asking Siri to answer a question for you. The actual app is still more robust than the Siri integration.

If you want a quick reference tool that spans any subject you could think of, get Wolfram Alpha.


Flashcards+ lets you create flashcards for anything you need to in order to study with them. Repetition is the way most of us learn and having flashcards that you can carry with you anywhere and create with less effort than writing them out can make students be more apt to actually use them regularly. Whether it's between a break at school or while relaxing at home, Flashcards+ lets you bring studying with you anywhere you go.

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Your picks for best apps for high school students?

There are tons of apps in the App Store specifically catered to help students of all ages. These are our favorites but if you're a parent or high school student, make sure to let us know in the comments what apps you've found to be useful in helping with homework and studying throughout the school year.

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