Hopefully you guys are gearing up for a fun-filled Halloween, but we wouldn't let October slip by without rounding up the very best games and best apps for iPhone and iPad that have been released in the last 30 days. We've got a ton of running and racing games this month, plus one of the best RPGs we've seen in the App Store in awhile. There are also lots of high quality creative apps to check out, whether your into music, art, or videography.

We're always eager to hear what you guys have installed, so be sure to hit up the comments with your favorite new apps. With that, let's dig into our top ten new iOS apps that were released in October.


Vektor is an aggressive cyberpunk endless runner. You're a futuristic courier trying to deliver sensitive material to a corporate customer, and mercenaries are busy trying to take you out. Simple controls help you weave through traffic while avoiding would-be attackers. The neon, Tron-inspired art and music style is entirely hypnotic and the ever-increasing challenges are likely to keep you coming back for more.