Banner Saga for iPad

October has kicked off with some great new iOS apps and iOS games. We've got a few solid action games and a particularly beautiful RPG with a full-bodied viking storyline. On the app side, we've got a few that play around with notifications, and a custom keyboard that you'll want to try out.

Good to go? Pop out your iPhone or iPad and check out our top ten apps launched in the last seven days.

Pokemon TCG

The Pokemon trading card game is a classic anime-themed title about training monsters and tossing them against one another in pitched combat. Play against and trade cards with other players online, build your own decks, and get involved with tournaments if you're feeling gutsy. The iPad version of the Pokemon game ties in with the desktop client, so your progress can continue across platforms. In-app purchases are available for gems, which help you get ahead.

Long-time Pokemon fans won't bat an eyelash about diving into