Best iPhone and iPad apps of the week: The Banner Saga and more!

October has kicked off with some great new iOS apps and iOS games. We've got a few solid action games and a particularly beautiful RPG with a full-bodied viking storyline. On the app side, we've got a few that play around with notifications, and a custom keyboard that you'll want to try out.

Good to go? Pop out your iPhone or iPad and check out our top ten apps launched in the last seven days.

Pokemon TCG

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The Pokemon trading card game is a classic anime-themed title about training monsters and tossing them against one another in pitched combat. Play against and trade cards with other players online, build your own decks, and get involved with tournaments if you're feeling gutsy. The iPad version of the Pokemon game ties in with the desktop client, so your progress can continue across platforms. In-app purchases are available for gems, which help you get ahead.

Long-time Pokemon fans won't bat an eyelash about diving into


Absorption is a fun, simple game about keeping enemies close, but not too close. You're only able to eliminate enemies as they spawn on a 2D battlefield if you stay close enough to them, but if they touch you, it's game over. Some enemies have special properties, such as exploding when they're taken out, which can lend a lot of strategic finagling.

Absorption is a fast, furious, and stylish arcade title with a refreshing mechanic.


Pry is a promising interactive novella about a demolitions consultant following his time in the Gulf War. Readers use gestures to flit into his subconscious or get a look at what he's seeing at any given time through the story. This includes lots of high-quality video with a decidedly film-like quality. There are five chapters to enjoy in this first part, and part two will arrive later as a free update.

Pry raises the bar for literature on mobile, and is worth a gander for any bookworms.

Inferno 2

Inferno 2 is a white-knuckled dual-stick shooting game with high-octane neon graphics. There are tons of upgrades and customizations to enjoy, over 80 levels with three difficulty types, and tons of different enemies to blow to smithereens. MFi hardware controllers are supported and there are a bunch of achievements for those that are super serious about their shooters.

Adrenaline junkies should jump right into Inferno 2.

The Banner Saga

The Banner Saga is a highly polished tale chock-full of Norse mythology. Jump between meaningful dialog sessions and turn-based combat with 25 different characters spanning 5 different classes. Failure in combat leaves lasting results through the rest of the game.

The art style alone in The Banner Saga is enough to pick it up, but it also strikes an excellent balance between strong, character-driven story and classic RPG-style combat.


Flic is Tinder for your Camera Roll. Flick left and right to plow through the pictures on your device to mark them for deletion, or save them for later. This is a ton more practical than the way the default Photos app handles it. Every round of Flic will keep tabs on how much room you're clearing on your iPhone, which is instantly rewarding for those that know they take way too many pictures.

Shutterbugs should pick up Flic right now.


Ping is an interesting new app from the guys behind Whisper. Users opt into tailored channels for notifications on certain subjects. New subjects are offered regularly, and you'll periodically get a Ping with relevant content. These web links are well-curated, and don't come in with obnoxious frequency. Ping also earns high marks for its simple, imaginative two-page user interface.

If you're always looking for something new to read, check out Ping.


PopKey is a fun custom keyboard for iOS that lets you quickly and easily drop animated GIFs into your messages. You can quickly find new GIFs from the web based on certain keywords, or you can access personal favorites that have been saved locally to your device.

Grab PopKey if you find yourself constrained by mere words when reacting to messages.


SlideShare is a great social network by LinkedIn that lets you cruise through a large, shared, online library of presentations. These slideshows span all sorts of topics, including business, technology, design and entertainment. Presentations can be saved locally for offline viewing, and shared with friends who might be into the subject matter. Big companies and well-known professionals submit their presentations here all the time.

If you find yourself with bouts of free time where you want to learn a thing or two, SlideShare has lots to offer.


Here is a straightforward notification app that ties in with your calendar and address book. Users are presented with a big fat button when they're approaching the time for their next meeting. Tap it, and attendees will be shot a message saying you're good to go. This is perfect for those that are often stuck waiting outside an office for a field meeting.

Here is a really neat idea, and there an Apple Watch tie-in that's in the works.

Your favorite iPhone and iPad apps from this week?

There are always a bunch of apps that come to the App Store, so let us know in the comments about which new releases you've been enjoying in the comments.

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