Best iPhone and iPad apps of the week: Diner Dash and more!

It's another week, and we've gathered together the very best apps and games that have been released over the last seven days for iPhone and iPad. If there's a running theme for the games this week, it's racing. We've got a fresh endless runner, a casual game, and some more classic racing racing games to take in. On the app side, there's a healthy selection for the creatives out there, with art, video, and photography apps, but also something for the left-brained iPhone owners.

Enough yap, let's start downloading some sweet apps for iPhone and iPad.

Daddy Long Legs

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This is a free game similar to the awkward long-distance runner QWOP. Players have to delicately maneuver a giant two-legged spider-type creature for as long a distance as possible. Every tap of the screen switches which legs are moving, but make sure to time it right, because Daddy Long Legs has an awful sense of balance and it's a long way down. Best (worst?) of all, the game keeps tabs on how many falls you make over the course of playing.

Daddy Long Legs has quick replay value, a sharp art style, and a high difficulty curve.

Zombie Highway 2

Zombie Highway 2 brings back the classic endless racer where players need to avoid post-apocalyptic debris and shake off ravenous zombies. To do that, you can scrape them off by barely missing obstacles, or load up your death machine with ramshackle weaponry. 6 cars, 10 zombie types, 55 different objectives, a daily challenge, and 15 upgradeable weapons make for a fun, gorey ride. In-app purchases are available if you need a hand mopping up the undead.

Zombie Highway 2 as fast, ridiculous, and an awesome way to kill time.

Cars: Fast as Lightning

Cars: Fast as Lightning is a casual city-building game with light one-touch racing elements. It features the whole cast of the familiar Pixar movie, and even has a dash of original voice acting. Players build up their own little town of Radiator Springs and customize tracks with outrageous stunts. Race against fierce competitors in one-on-one battles relying on tight turns and big jumps. Expect the usual freemium elements here, such as resource gathering at regular intervals, premium currency, energy meters, and upgrade timers.

Cars: Fast as Lightning is kid-friendly, and offers some unique mechanics in the grand scheme of casual games.

Reckless Racing 3

Reckless Racing 3 is a gorgeous rally racing game with touch-friendly controls. Work your way through 36 different routes in career, arcade, or single events. If you feel like you're on your A-game, you can give the obstacle course a try and hone your drifting skills. Gamepad and iCloud support are both included, plus if you've got the urge to fast-track progress, there are in-app purchases available.

Sporty drivers will have great time in Reckless Racing 3.

Diner Dash

The classic mobile time management game has been revamped with fresh graphics. The new Diner Dash has players hopping between receiving new guests, taking orders, delivering meals, gathering checks, and clearing tables from a wide range of over-the-top (and often picky) customers. There are over 90 levels and three diners to work in, and 20 customer types to serve. The usual freemium tropes are here, such as energy meters, social tie-ins, and premium currency.

If that's alright by you, Diner Dash is a tried-and-true recipe that is long overdue for a fresh serving.


Clips is a handy little Notification Center widget that helps you keep tabs on content you copy to your clipboard and need to paste later. Multiple items (either text or images) can be saved, which is perfect for folks who are jumping between apps regularly. It even ties in with the keyboard for future pasting. With a premium upgrade, you can access Clips between iPhone and iPad.

Clips is a light, helpful, and free app that can make your life just a little bit easier when putting together documents or messages.

Prompt 2

Prompt 2 is a highly functional SSH client for anyone managing web servers. The brand new version introduces Clips, which offers one-tap access to common commands thanks to a customized keyboard bar, private key generation, Touch ID lock to keep server access secure, and not to mention a sleek redesign for iOS 8 and the latest iPhones.

Prompt 2 is a great way to ensure site admins can fix things fast no matter where they are.


Reflect+ is a fun little photography app that lets you drop in reflections in your images, and add haze or ripple effects as desired. Mirroring of existing subjects is easy, but you can also drop in fireworks, rainbows, lens flares, and other skyborne objects seamlessly. Various presets ensure your reflections are convincing, plus filters can help add just a little extra atmosphere to your shot.

Anyone itching to get creative with their iPhone pictures will find plenty of opportunity in Reflect+.

Adobe Premiere Clip

Adobe Premiere Clip helps you easily import video shot on your iPhone or iPad onto your Mac for editing, in addition to enabling some light editing of your own. Trim your videos, make some color adjustments and transitions, plus drop in soundtracks, including a handful included with the app. The Auto Mix feature will make sure audio quality is consistent between clips. Of course it all ties in with Adobe Creative Cloud so you can upload your video and keep working on it on other devices seamlessly.

Adobe released a whole bunch of other great iOS apps this week that are also worth checking out: Brush, Shape, and Color, plus significant updates to Line, Sketch, and Mix.

Autodesk SketchBook

Autodesk revamped their freehand drawing app for iOS, and the new version is fantastic. Fine tune a wide range of brushes, some of which are bundled, some available through an in-app purchase. A layer editor and a mirroring tool unlock once you set up an account, plus you can plug into DeviantArt to share your stuff instantly. Tablet and smartphone screen sizes are supported.

SketchBook is worth a download if you do any doodling whatsoever.

Your favorite new iPhone and iPad games?

There are tons of new apps coming out all the time for iOS, so hit us up in the comments with the latest downloads on your iPhone or iPad.

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