Best iPhone and iPad apps of the week: Spider-Man Unlimited, MailTime and more!

Though it's been a busy week between iPhone 6, iPhone 6 Plus, and the Apple Watch, the App Store still managed to pump out a few great new apps and games.

There's a couple of great new endless runners out, a few puzzle games, and some choice social networking apps to check out. Ready to go with our top ten new iOS apps and games? Let's dive in!

Spider-Man Unlimited

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Spider-Man Unlimited is an endless runner featuring Marvel's famous web-slinger. Players have to chase down members of the nefarious Sinister Six while swiping to avoid incoming obstacles, take down goons, and gather power-ups. Over time, you gather up other Spider-Men from parallel universes, each with their own signature looks and in-game bonuses. An energy mechanic is in place, limiting how many runs you can make in one sitting, plus in-app purchases are available for accelerated progress.

Comic fans will definitely appreciate the snappy one-liners and wide variety of characters in Spider-Man Unlimited.

The Sleeping Prince

The Sleeping Prince is a physics platforming game where players have to fling a limp-bodied prince from stage to stage to save the kingdom. Various level elements help you bounce along, similar to Ms. Splosion Man. Characters in the stages will haul the prince around too, but you have to be smart about when to bounce off to the next target.

The Sleeping Prince is a fresh take on platforming games and has some really solid graphics to boot.


Mujo for iPhone

Mujo is a matching puzzle game with flat, stylized graphics and a Greek mythology theme. Players command three gods against evil threats, each with their own special abilities and bonuses. Tiles are combined and expended to deal damage to enemies and gather experience points so your little collection of deities expand in power. New gods are collected by lining up treasure chest tiles.

Mujo is a fun and visually striking marriage of old and new.


Partyrs is a simple and cute puzzle game whereby players need to make sure characters at a party are near the things they like. Usually this involves swapping the positions of attendees as desires change, but often you'll need to move party favours themselves around.

Part yes is an altogether cute puzzle game with a fresh premise.


Fotonica is an abstract endless runner with some interesting controls. Unlike most games in the genre, players occupy the first person perspective. Players hold down on the screen to run, and release to jump between platforms. Press down while mid-air to accelerate your descent, which will be necessary if you want to collect orbs throughout a stage. An abstract wireframe graphics scheme is paired elegantly with a pared-down soundtrack. for iPhone is a hugely popular app that started out on Android and is now available on iOS for stock management. Keep an eye on your favorite trades, build a portfolio for quick reference, see up-to-the-minute charts in a variety of formats, and dive into opinions and technical analyses to figure out your next move. Investors looking for a new way to monitor their trades on iOS will want to give a shot.


Fostr is a social network for people supporting one another's creative projects. These can including writing a novel, finishing a woodworking project, or anything in between. Post status updates on your projects in order to get encouragement and advice from the community, and browse through a handful of project categories to follow the efforts of likeminded members.

Grab Fostr if you've been putting too many ideas on the backburner.


MailTime is a clever re-imagining of mobile e-mail. Messages have extraneous information, like date and time, parsed out, leaving threads displayed as instant messaging conversations. New recipients can be cc'ed into the conversation and assigned tasks with smart tags. Since the app is all about keeping e-mail conversations pithy, it will alert you if your message is too long, since it means folks aren't likely to read it.

If you're in lengthy e-mail threads every day, MailTime will make your life easier.


Sqwiggle is a promising collaboration tool for remote workers. In addition the usual suite of chat options, Sqwiggle's signature feature is on-demand video chat. Snapshots of participants are taken at regular intervals from the webcam and shown in the presence monitor, so others know if that person is around, and if anyone wants to talk, they just have to click on the name, and they're instantly in a video call - there's no dialling or answering to worry about. Multiple users can be included in a conversation.

If you're having trouble staying connected with your colleagues daily in a seamlessly way, Sqwiggle will probably be able to help you out.


Rolls for iPhone

Rolls is a handy photo sharing app that skips the middle man of attaching multiple files to an e-mail, or uploading your photos to a cloud service. Rolls displays all of the pictures your Camera Roll and has a shareable link for full albums and individual pictures immediately ready to go wherever you need it to. Those links will point users to a cleanly laid-out web page with all of the selected pictures on it. If you're sure everyone has seen the pictures that need to, you can kill the page from your phone so the pictures aren't just floating around out on the web.

If you take a ton of pictures, but don't want to be putting them all on Facebook, Rolls is an easy way to put those shots into the hands of people who matter.

Your favorite new iPhone and iPad apps?

That's all the good stuff we spotted that was new to the App Store this week, but what did you find? Anything great? Let us know in the comments!

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