The best iPhone and iPad time-wasters for Labor Day

Don't let the name fool you -- the last thing you want to do on Labor Day is work. Family and friends, are one thing, todo-lists quite another. If you just want to relax and take a little time for yourself this holiday weekend, here are the absolute best ways to kill time with your iPhone, iPod touch, or iPad.

Granny Smith

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If you want something new, but not too fussy, and you've ever had a hankering for some octogenarian X-Games-style action, look no further than Granny Smith for iPhone and iPad. The premise is simple enough: Granny has has her apples stolen for the last time and she isn't going to stand for it anymore. In fact, cane in hand, armed with baseballs and bananas (just go with it), she's strapped on roller skates and aims to run the thief down.

Fieldrunners 2

How do you take one of the best, most popular iOS games ever and make it even better? You make Fieldrunners 2, that's how. It's everything you love about the original, and about tower defense games in general, taken literally to the next level. The swarms are coming. The power ups are pending. Your world needs protecting. Are you ready? Hit play and find out!


Award-winning action RPG, Bastion, hacks and slashes its way onto the iPad

Bastion, the award-winning action RPG, has been brought, hacking and slashing, to the iPad. No mere port this, Bastion was been re-imagined and re-engineered to take maximum advantage of the Retina display and multitouch. Whether you've played Bastion previously on the PC and have been waiting for the iPad version, or you're just a fan of RPGs and want to try one of the best the genre has seen, hit the App Store link below and hold onto your socks, because you're in for one heck of an adventure.

Best Free games for iPhone and iPad

Best free iPad games

None of the above tickle your holiday fancy? Rather have a ton of free iPhone and iPad games to choose from? Well you're in luck. The staff here at iMore has spent days and days compiling dozens and dozens of the very best games for iPhone and iPad that can be yours for absolutely NO money down.

Guilt free pleasures for iPhone and iPad

If games aren't your thing, and you absolutely have to spend Labor Day doing something productive, well, we have you covered as well.

And if you're looking to pick up a new hobby, Labor Day is the perfect occasion to learn all about iPhone photography, or to take your iPhoneography to a new level!

What's your Labor Day time-waster of choice?

Have you already figured out which games or activities you're going to be spending time with this weekend? We'd love to hear your recommendations, so drop them in the comments below!

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