Best iPhone apps for contractors: Win more bids and manage job sites better!

Looking for the best iPhone apps to help you stay more organized both on the job site and off? General contractors have a lot of tasks to juggle on a day to day basis. From submitting bids to cutting invoices and estimates, there's a lot of paperwork to get through. On the job site staying on schedule is essential for both you and your client. Luckily, there are lots of App Store apps available to not only help you reduce the amount of paperwork you have to deal with, but stay more organized and on task while on jobs, which saves everyone time and money. If you're only interested in the absolute best iPhone apps for general contractors, these are the ones you need to download right now!

Fantastical 2

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Best iPhone apps for contractors: Fantastical 2

Before you can manage anyone else, you'll need to make sure you're on top of your own schedule. Fantastical is one of the very best calendar replacement apps available for both iPhone and iPad. Just type in something like "Final walkthrough for Paul tomorrow at noon." and Fantastical will take care of the rest. Fantastical pulls in all your existing reminders and calendar events so there's virtually no setup. After that you can manage both in one app that makes a lot more sense than the built-in Calendar app.

If you want a better solution to managing calendars and reminders, Fantastical is what you want.

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Best iPhone apps for contractors: Wunderlist

Best iPhone and iPad apps for college students: Wunderlist

Wunderlist is task and todo app that lets organize tasks by lists. Create as many lists as you'd like, share them with others who can then view and add items, as well as leave notes on existing items. Anytime someone interacts with a shared task, you'll receive a notification. Since Wunderlist is available on virtually every platform, both mobile and desktop, it makes it a great tool to use with subcontractors and regular workers. You can easily minimize the amount of calls and texts you have to send by just sharing and collaborating on projects together.

If you want to collaborate on projects with your workers and contractors, Wunderlist is available on virtually any smartphone they may have.


Best iPhone apps for contractors: Hours Time Tracking

Hours is a time tracking app that lets you keep track of what you're spending your time on by using a series of timers. When you start a task or job, just start the timer. When you're done, stop it and Hours will automatically block of that amount of time. You can go back later and add hourly rates, a title, and notes. Once you're done with your day, you're left with a beautiful overview of how you spent your time. This is a great way to improve time management or for your workers and subcontractors to accurately track time and instantly invoice you for it.

For a simple way to track time and send invoices for either you or your workers, look no further than Hours.

Joist Estimating and Invoicing

Best iPhone apps for contractors: Joist Invoicing and Estimates

Joist provides a quick and easy way to create professional looking estimates and invoices for your clients. You can save most commonly used materials and types of labor so the process gets faster and more efficient the more you use Joist. You can customize your invoices and estimates with your own company logo and info as well as add photos to estimates and bids so your clients see exactly what you're talking about. Once you're done with a project, Joist is a great way to send final invoices and manage them so you can see who has paid and who still needs to.

If you're being crushed by paperwork and need a simpler way to track invoices, bids, and estimates, be sure to give Joist Estimating and Invoicing a try.

Construction Master Pro

Best iPhone apps for contractors: Construction master Pro

General contractors have to do a lot of calculations to figure out exactly how much material is needed. From figuring out how many square feet of drywall you need to figuring out right angle and rafter calculations in mere seconds, Construction Master Pro is the calculator for you. With support for feet-inch fraction and yard calculations along with volume, area, and advanced trig options, you'll be hard pressed to run into a calculation Construction Master Pro can't help you figure out.

If you want a great construction calculator that's with you at all times, Construction Master Pro is a must-have.

Your picks for best iPhone apps for contractors?

If you're a general contractor, what apps do you depend on every day while on job sites in order to stay organized and manage subcontractors? Do you use any of the above or do you prefer something else? Be sure to let me know in the comments!

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