The iPhone is the single biggest selling smartphone on the market. It's been around for more than 10 years, and currently, there are seven models to choose from. The more Apple does, the harder it becomes to pick the right one. Through rigorous testing of each model, however, we're able to pick the best of 2018.

In addition to the best iPhone, we've rounded up the best in class for iPhone software and accessories for 2018!

Best iPhone Award

Best iPhone of 2018

iPhone XS

The best iPhone for most people.

The iPhone XS gives you the biggest bang for your buck with the most advanced features, the best camera, and the largest screen in the smallest package.

Why we picked the iPhone XS as the Best iPhone of 2018

Most people will find the iPhone XS to be the perfect fit. It's Apple's latest and greatest, so it's the most future-proof. The screen display is the most advanced, and the camera is better than any other iPhone on the market. The 5.8-inch display is perfectly fitted into a case that's smaller than the iPhone Plus model, so you get more screen for less size.

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You get the world's best OLED display at nearly iPhone 8 Plus size in a body that's just ever-so-slightly bigger than iPhone. And because that display is fully HDR, you can watch iTunes, Netflix, Amazon, and more in Dolby Vision or HDR10. That means deep blacks, bright colors, and details in all the highlights and shadows. It even has TrueTone so, some blue shift at steep angles aside, iPhone X white looks white. No OLED white. Paperwhite.

It also offers Portrait Mode and Portrait Lighting for selfies, and face matching for everything from social media filters to Apple's own Animoji.

It fits a Plus-sized screen into a regular-sized iPhone with an almost bezel-free design and the best display and camera technology on the market. It's the perfect iPhone for most people, which is why it's our pick for the best iPhone in 2018.

Best iPhone accessory Award

Best iPhone accessory of 2018

Nomad Base Station Hub

Wireless charging pad for two with extra ports.

When you need to charge two iPhones, an iPad, and your Apple TV remote at the same time, the Nomad Base Station Hub has you covered.

Why we picked the Base Station Hub as the Best iPhone accessory in 2018

Nomad is the king of wireless charging hubs and this year's Base Station is another in the great line. The pad itself can charge two iPhone devices at the same time, while the additional USB-A and USB-C charging ports on the back can charge two addition devices.

The variety of charging support it offers alone makes it the best iPhone accessory of 2018, but the classy design is the icing on the cake. It's sleek, low-profile, and has a fancy leather pad.

The Base Station Hub also has a subtle LED charging status light that dims in dark rooms, so you're not blinded by a bright green light in the middle of the night when your iPhone is all charged up.

It offers 10W fast charging for phones that support it and the pad can charge two wireless supported phones at the same time. The additional ports on the back make it the most versatile charging pad in your arsenal, and that's why it's our pick for the best iPhone accessory in 2018.

Best iPhone app Award

Best iPhone app of 2018

OmniFocus 3

The most powerful productivity app your iPhone can handle.

OmniFocus will help you become the most organized person on your block. With a wide variety of planning features, you'll never be lost on a project.

Why we picked OmniFocus 3 as the Best iPhone app in 2018

Where to begin? OmniFocus is the hugely popular productivity app that lets you organize every aspect of your life. Whether you're planning a wedding or keeping your day-to-day tasks managed, OmniFocus has something for you. It's deeply customizable, so you can use it the way that works best for you, and you can build simple lists alongside complex project forecasts.

OmniFocus 3 launched in 2018 with dozens of new features that really put it back on the map for fans of task manager apps, including tags, filters, batch editing, and a whole lot more.

OmniFocus's big update made a great productivity app even better, which is why it's our pick for the best iPhone app in 2018.

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