Grab a battery case for your iPhone XR or XS Max at 50% off

A battery case is a simple, effective way to make sure that your phone is always charged. Today, Amazon is offering 50% off the Allea Battery Case for iPhone XR or iPhone XS Max, dropping the price from $33 to $16 with coupon code BCJDP50F. You can get free shipping by signing up for a free trial of Amazon Prime, which will also get you access to Prime Day next month.

Alleasa iPhone Battery Cases

Alleasa iPhone Battery Cases

These cases are an affordable way to ensure that Low Power Mode is a thing of the past.

This case is like a portable power bank that's attached to your phone. The case is lightweight and protective, and it'll be able to charge your phone at least once if not one and a half times. There are handy lights on the back that indicate how charged the case itself is, too. When your phone is in need of a charge, simply flip a switch and your new case will get to work. Your purchase includes a two-year warranty for added peace of mind.

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