Best phone gimbals 2024: steady shots for iPhone videos

Even Apple's iPhone 15 Pro Max, replete with its Action mode, can't match the stability and smoothness of the best phone gimbals on the market. Using the magic of gyroscopes, offerings from the likes of DJI can take your iPhone photography to a whole new level, with incredible image stabilization, as well as features like subject tracking. 

The aforementioned DJI is a big player in this space, but we've also tracked down other options to give you some variety at every price point, looking at the different strengths of each one to help you make the best purchase for your needs. Here's our picks!

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How to get great footage on your iPhone with a gimbal

When it comes to stabilizing your best iPhone for video and pictures, these are the best phone gimbals available. We've rounded up the handiest, lightweight, and feature-heavy picks on the market to help you make your decision. 

We love the advanced features like 3D inception mode, time-lapse, and sports mode in our top pick: the Hohem i-Steady Mobile+. The battery life is impressive, lasting 12 hours, and the auto-tracking and panning are every bit as good as pricier phone gimbals.

The Hohem's only fault is that its companion app is hard to learn and a little disordered. The learning curve is steep but well worth it if you can tough it out. No matter your skill level, you'll be impressed with the 3-axis stabilization and tilt, roll, and pan rotation options on this smartphone gimbal. The Hohem is a standout product that's sure to keep your creative juices flowing.

If that doesn't do it for you, another fantastic pick is the DJI OM 5. Not only is it lightweight, but it provides buttery smooth video and automatic tracking. Plus, there's Dynamic Zoom and a handy shutter button on the handle for ease of use. It's one of the more pricey ones on this list, but worth it with all of the included features.

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