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Wallpapers are one of the best ways to differentiate your device from everyone else's. And even if you don't have the best iPhone right now, a new wallpaper can definitely help to make your phone feel fresh and new once more. Plus, when you have your favorite wallpaper on your device, it shows off your own personal style and flair, whether it's your Lock or Home screen. It's also a great complement once you customize your app icons in iOS 14.

While the "best" iPhone wallpaper is purely subjective, here are a few of my personal favorites that I've found from all over the internet. Whether it's Star Wars, simple gradients, adorable characters, or just something that caught my eye, here are some of the best iPhone wallpapers that I have personally used on my iPhone 12 Pro.

And even if you have your own favorite right now, these would make some good additions to anyone's wallpaper collection. You know, in case you ever want to change things up — variety is the spice of life, after all!

Gradient Wallpapers By Devy Design

Gradients all day long: Gradient Wall Pack

I've been getting asked this a lot, so here is what I've been using on my Home screen for the past few weeks. The Gradient Wall Pack from Devy Design is simple but super clean, and there are variants with a wavy cutoff at the bottom for your Dock. The pack includes 18 wallpapers total, and the colors range from colorful to pastel.

$5 at Gumroad
Baby Yoda Painting Reddit Indirion

Everyone loves Baby Yoda: Baby Yoda, aka The Child

The Mandalorian was the hottest show on Disney+ back in 2019, and it's mostly because of the creature called The Child, which everyone nicknamed "Baby Yoda," even though his real name is Grogu. Because you know, it's a "baby" form of Yoda's species, even though it was stated to be about 50-years-old in the show. This beautiful wallpaper from Reddit user indiron was painted himself, and it's one of the best Baby Yoda walls we've seen.

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The Joker Reddit Manishhumagai

Why so serious?: Joker

Whether you're a DC fan or not, Joker is a one of those villains that everyone has heard of, even if they're not into comics. The Joker is a popular villain because he's Batman's main nemesis, and let's face it — he's just downright insane. The Joker movie from 2019 was a dark and gritty origin story of one of DC's most popular and infamous villains, and it was pretty good, even if Batman wasn't really in it. This wallpaper from Reddit user Manishhumagai showcases Joker after he rises up in Gotham. It's dark and grim, but the colors of the scene make this one pop and definitely feel like Joker.

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N64 Exploded View Reddit Poire

Its-a-me, Mario!: N64 Exploded View

Gamers will always have fond memories of the Nintendo 64, which was definitely one of the best consoles that Nintendo came up with. This clever wallpaper from Reddit user Poire_ features an exploded view of an N64 console with various levels and characters from popular N64 games, such as Starfox, Mario, Yoshi, and even Goldeneye 007. This is one of our favorite gaming wallpapers.

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Apple Watch Face Pride V1 Ar

Follow the rainbow: Apple Watch Face Pride 2020 v1

AR7 is a popular graphic designer who makes some absolutely stunning wallpapers. This one is designed to match the Pride 2020 Apple Watch face and Pride 2020 Apple Watch band perfectly. I've been using this one since I am wearing the Pride 2020 Apple Watch band with my Series 5 Apple Watch right now, and it's the perfect complement.

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Apple Watch Face Pride V2 Gradient Ar

Seamless transition to Pride: Apple Watch Face Pride 2020 v2

Are vertical stripes not your thing? That's okay, because AR7 also has you covered on that front. This second version of the Apple Watch Face Pride 2020 is a vertical gradient instead of stripes, and the colors blend in seamlessly with each other. This one looks fantastic as a Home screen wallpaper.

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Apple Watch Face Pride V3 Gradient Ar

Color wheel: Apple Watch Face Pride 2020 v3

This third iteration of AR7's Apple Watch Face Pride 2020 has the rainbow colors in a gradient once more, but they're radiating from the center this time, instead of a vertical gradient. Think of it like the macOS color wheel. It's definitely one of my personal favorites, and is the one I'm using right now on my Home screen.

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Sunrise Scenery Iphone X Ar7 Twitter

Early riser: Sunrise Scenery

If rainbows and pride aren't your thing, then that's okay too. AR7 has a ton of other great wallpapers available, and and Sunrise Scenery is one of those amazing works. It's a subtle wallpaper that features a sunrise-colored sky with the silhouettes of mountains in the foreground.

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Sunset Scenery Iphone X Ar7 Twitter

Night owl: Sunset Scenery

This is the counter to Sunrise Scenery, and it's Sunset Scenery. Like its counterpart, Sunset Scenery features mountain silhouettes in the foreground, but the sky features the colors of the setting sun instead of rising. This goes perfect with Dark Mode on your iPhone.

Free download
Mountains Nebula Scenery Ar7 Twitter

One with nature: Mountains Nebula Scenery

This is another good one from AR7. It features mountains on the horizon, and you can only assume that a lake is in front of it, with hues of green and blue. The sky above the mountains is a gradient mix of pink, purple, yellow, blue, white, and dark hues, with a sprinkle of stars thrown in for good measure. It's peaceful, tranquil, and makes for a great wallpaper.

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Star Wars Rise Skywalker Amoled Reddit Dasgudshit

The Force is strong with this one: The Rise of Skywalker Battle of Exegol

Whether you love it or hate it, at least Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker had some impressive scenes. This wallpaper features the Sith fleet on Exegol facing off against one lone X-wing. Oh, and the bonus of this one is that it uses true black in the background, so it looks absolutely fantastic on OLED screens, like on iPhone 12 Pro.

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Ps1 Exploded View Reddit Jaaaaaaaaash

The OG PlayStation: PS1 Exploded View

If you're a fan of the original PlayStation, then this wallpaper is a great one to have in your collection. It is an exploded view of the original PS1, much like the N64 we featured here, but this has all of your favorite PS1 game characters instead. From Spyro to Final Fantasy VII to Metal Gear, they're all here in this gorgeous wallpaper. And it looks especially great with OLED screens.

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Xbox Exploded View Reddit Jaaaaaaaaash

The OG Xbox: Xbox Exploded View

Are you an Xbox fan yourself? Then don't worry, there's Xbox love too. This Xbox Exploded View wall features all of your original Xbox favorites, such as Halo, Oddworld, Ninja Gaiden, Splinter Cell, Panzer Dragoon, and more. This also has true blacks in the background, so it's perfect for OLED screens.

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Tokidoki X Jujube Wallpaper

Totally adorbs!: tokidoki x jujube

Tokidoki is a popular Japanese-inspired lifestyle brand that has an amazingly cute cast of characters. This wallpaper is bright and colorful, and it's part of a collaboration with Jujube, another lifestyle brand. Who can resist these adorable characters at Kawaii Carnival? Totally ~kawaii~!

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Tokidoki Cherry Blossom Unicornos

It's sakura time!: tokidoki Cherry Blossom Unicornos

Tokidoki has a ton of cute wallpapers, and this particular one is just in time for the Japanese sakura season. I may be a little biased because I love all things pink, but what's not to love when it comes to sakura and adorable unicorns? There is also another Cherry Blossom Yoshino wallpaper that is equally cute.

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Tokidoki Take Out Wallpaper

Get hungry: tokidoki Take Out

Ordering takeout is fun, and this cute wallpaper from tokidoki symbolizes that. This wallpaper has fan favorite tokidoki characters holding a variety of different takeout foods — who can resist? There are also plenty of other tokidoki themed iPhone wallpapers, so make sure to grab the ones that you love the most!

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Redcode 8k Mkbhd

Tech icons: REDCODE ICONS 8K

MKBHD is a very popular tech YouTuber, and if you've seen any of his videos, you know that his favorite colors are black and red. This wallpaper is one that he designed himself for the ICONS product lineup at dbrand. With ICONS, you get a ton of tech-related icons that symbolize what Marques Brownlee uses himself. Think of it like the tech version of Louis Vutton.

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Triple Black 8k Mkbhd

Matte black everything: Triple Black ICONS 8K

It's like REDCODE, but mate black. If there's anything that MKBHD truly loves, it's matte black. I mean, it goes with everything.

Free download
Silicon 8k Mkbhd Icons

Classic black and white: Silicon ICONS 8K

The latest addition to the ICONS collection is the new Silicon colorway. This features a sleek white on black — classy.

Free download
Pokemon Eeveelutions Amoled Jasonbeerling

Gotta catch 'em all!: Pokémon Eevee Evolutions

Pokémon is 25 years old, but Eevee will always be one of my favorite Pokémon (sorry, Pikachu!) This beautiful but simplistic AMOLED wallpaper features outlines of Eevee, as well as all of its possible evolutions in matching colors. This is a great one for any Eevee fans (arguably one of the best Pokémon).

Free download
Planetary Trail Kxnt

3...2...1...liftoff!: Planetary Trail by Kxnt

This is one of my favorite new wallpapers that I've discovered from the Backdrops app. It features a vibrant space backdrop that is just gorgeous, and a rocket taking off for the unknowns of space. Funny how small a rocket looks compared to other planets.

Free in Backdrops from the App Store
Drizzle Spill Kxnt

Colorful splash: Drizzle Spill by Kxnt

This unique abstract wallpaper is pretty mesmerizing with the drips and spills of color. The color scheme also meshes together really well.

Free in Backdrops from the App Store

What are the best iPhone wallpapers for you?

These are just a some of the best iPhone wallpapers that I've found while browsing the web. We'll be updating this with more amazing wallpapers over time, so stay tuned and bookmark this page so you can grab more walls later!

What are your favorite wallpapers? Share them with us in the comments below.

Updated February 2021: Added more wallpapers for your enjoyment.

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