Best lighting accessories for iPhone photography 2023

Lumee Halo Lifestyle Photo
Lumee Halo Lifestyle Photo (Image credit: Case-Mate)

The best lighting accessories for iPhone photography can help you take professional-looking photos no matter the conditions. If you carry an iPhone around daily, you're walking around with a pretty incredible camera in your pocket. It can take good photos, but the key to great photos is lighting. Dark environments introduce all kinds of artifacts into your shots, including noise and pixelization. Even though every iPhone in existence comes with a flash and manages light well, sometimes you need a little extra help. For that, we recommend lighting accessories. These are our top picks this year.

Up your selfie game with the best lighting accessories for iPhone photography

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Even with all of the advancements that Apple has made in iOS photography, you just can't beat real lighting. With the best lighting accessories for iPhone photography, you'll be ensuring that every photo, whether it's a regular portrait or a selfie, is flattering and good-to-go on your Instagram feed or in a photo book.

If you want some recommendations, I like the Anker iPhone LED Flash Cube. It's small enough to fit in your photography toolkit, and you can get a full 50 minutes of use on a single charge. Plugging it into your iPhone ensures that the flash is synced up with the native camera app or supported third-party apps, and you get a silicone diffuser for softer light when necessary.

Another great option, especially for selfies, is the LuMee Halo case. Not only do you get variable levels of brightness for both the rear and front-facing cameras, but the case gives you amazing protection as well. So if you accidentally drop your phone while taking that selfie, you don't need to worry about damaging your phone.

And if you want something simple but oh-so-adorable, then the OURRY Selfie Light Ring does the trick. It is small and compact enough for any smartphone, and it has super cute cat ears!

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