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Best Keyboard Cases for the iPad Air 2 in 2022

iPad placed above keyboards
iPad placed above keyboards (Image credit: More)

There are a number of great keyboards available out there for the iPad Air 2, regardless if you're on the hunt for something more minimal, more protective, and everything in between. Here are some of our favorite and most practical keyboard cases for the iPad Air 2 in 2020.

Find the perfect keyboard case for your iPad Air 2

Even though the iPad Air 2 is five years old, it's still a fantastic iPad, and with so many different keyboards to pick from, it can be tough to make one distinct choice. We personally love the slight ruggedness and the durability of the ClamCase Pro (opens in new tab), not to mention the reasonable price tag and practical design.

If you're on the market for something a bit more rugged but still incredibly reliable, then the Belkin QODE Ultimate Keyboard case (opens in new tab). Not only is it beautiful to look at, but it's also super durable and practical for travel and day-to-day adventures.

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