Best Keyboard Cases for the iPad Air 2 iMore 2022

There are a number of great keyboards available out there for the iPad Air 2, regardless if you're on the hunt for something more minimal, more protective, and everything in between. Here are some of our favorite and most practical keyboard cases for the iPad Air 2 in 2020.

Best keyboard cases for iPad Air 2

Affordable: ClamCase Pro

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The ClamCase Pro provides overall protection, has one of the best keyboard layouts, and doesn't add a ton of extra bulk. It is designed with a quick on/off keyboard and a lithium-ion battery for months of use after a single charge.

From $25 at Amazon

Premium option: Belkin QODE Ultimate Keyboard case

The Belkin QODE Ultimate Keyboard case is made with an aircraft-grade aluminum alloy for extra screen protection when the iPad isn't in use. It's keyboard is incredibly comfortable and the keyboard's auto on/off makes use extremely simple and convenient.

$97 at Amazon

Sturdy: Bosewek keyboard case

The Bosewek keyboard case is a protective and functional case that offers 360-degree protection. It comes in a variety of different color options and gives you access to all buttons and ports, while the foldable cover puts your iPad to sleep and wakes it up whenever it's opened or closed.

$41 at Amazon
Logitech Canvas Keyboard Cover

Comfortable: Logitech Canvas Keyboard Cover

This brightly colored canvas coated iPad keyboard case will stick out from the crowd and let you use a full QWERTY keyboard on your iPad at all times. It also functions as a stand, allowing you to prop up your iPad Air 2 wherever you like and type away till your heart's content.

From $58 at Amazon
Best keyboard cases for iPad Air 2

Folio friendly: Logitech Type+

You can fold over the Logitech Type+ case and the keyboard will be de-activated to avoid accidental presses when using it in tablet mode. Not only is it equipped with a dual-view stand for angle adjustments, but it also comes with different time-saving iOS shortcut keys and in a variety of different colors.

$69 at Amazon

Full rotation: GreenLaw Keyboard case

The GreenLaw Keyboard case is a brightly colored case that allows you to swivel and rotate your screen 360-degrees. It's easy to fold and incredibly portable and gives you up to 90 days of charge in a single go.

From $55 at Amazon

Ultra thin: ZAGG Hinged Folio case

The ZAGG Hinged Folio case is a thin but protective case for your iPad Air 2 that gives you access to all buttons and ports. It's made from a leather-feeling material and comes in a variety of bright colors.

$18 at Amazon

Fabric Feel: BAIKEN keyboard case

The BAIKEN keyboard case is a soft-touch, foldable case that comes in blue, gray, pink, navy, and yellow color options. It automatically puts your iPad to sleep or wakes it up whether it's cover is open or closed.

From $37 at Amazon

360-degree Rotation: New Trent Airbender Star

The New Trent Airbender Star is a unique looking clamshell keyboard case that gives you the ability to turn your screen 360-degree. It can be detached from the keyboard and is lightweight yet protective.

$36 at Amazon

Find the perfect keyboard case for your iPad Air 2

Even though the iPad Air 2 is five years old, it's still a fantastic iPad, and with so many different keyboards to pick from, it can be tough to make one distinct choice. We personally love the slight ruggedness and the durability of the ClamCase Pro, not to mention the reasonable price tag and practical design.

If you're on the market for something a bit more rugged but still incredibly reliable, then the Belkin QODE Ultimate Keyboard case. Not only is it beautiful to look at, but it's also super durable and practical for travel and day-to-day adventures.

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